Ultra Portable Shootout: PX100, PX200, PortaPro, K404, V-Jays, Tracks, Oldskool, and HD238

The Supercharged Ultra-Portable: Sennheiser HD238

Size comparison: Sennheiser HD238 and PX200-II. In the world of audio, bigger is generally better.

Now for the finale, the supercharged ultra portable headphone from Sennheiser. Clearly, the HD238 belongs to a different league, technically, compared to all the other entries here. Well, it sorts of cheated by using a bigger housing and probably bigger drivers as well. I really wouldn’t classify the HD238 on the same group as the ultra-portables here, but I just wanted to see how the bigger Sennheiser HD-line compares to the PX-line and its friends.

Technically, the HD238 driver has better resolution, top and down extension that betters all the other ultra portables here. Tonal balance wise, it’s very good and can be seen as somewhat a joint venture of the PX100-II and the PX200-II. It’s not as dark as the PX100-II and not as bass shy as the PX200-II, but it has the best of both headphones. Good bass, good treble, and quite a full mids as well. If I can object to one thing, it’s probably the treble area, where the HD238 has more upper treble presence than anything else here. Perhaps Sennheiser tuned it that way to make the HD238 sound noticeably more “Hi-Fi” in the ears of the average Joe. Yet, despite the technical superiority, I do still prefer the V-Jays’ overall presentation, as I think it has just the perfect treble amount and a more engaging midrange. Plus, the open design of the V-Jays has a better timbre than the HD238, which I feel need a better designed housing.

I find the build quality of the HD238 to be a bit short than even the PX100/200 models. Somehow, the housing feels hollow and fragile, and the entire build doesn’t inspire confidence for rough handling on the outdoors. This is one of the biggest complain I have over the HD238, as I expect to take these headphones outdoors, throw them in bags and such.

I’ve listened to the HD238 in many other occassion before this, and everytime, though it has a great technicality, the sound still fails to win me over.

Here is the verdict of the shootout:

Best all rounder: Jays V-Jays
2nd Tier: PX100-II (If you love the traditional Sennheiser house sound), AIAIAI Tracks (musical and fun, punchy bass), PX200-II (mature and balanced sound)
Best for bright recordings: AKG K404
Best for Grado Lovers: Fischer Oldskool

Ultra Portable Shootout: PX100, PX200, PortaPro, K404, V-Jays, Tracks, Oldskool, and HD238
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  • Reply July 3, 2015

    Mike Zacierka

    After trying a lots of HP of any size I have landed permamentaly on AKG k404 the set which at this moment suites me best. 120 DB allows you to enjoy music in the way you have never been allowed with another compact HP’s. My music of choice is Techno House and some bass packed mainstream. In 50-
    100 EURO range you can’t get any better than K404

  • Reply June 1, 2015


    Another great article here! I ve set my mind for ultra portables, coz im on the road all day. But when I read about AKG 404 and that they are good for pop like music, I feel like i should ask whick is the best headphones for rock music? (rock and roll, new wave, hard rock and stuffs like that mostly) I really liked the AIAIAI Tracks, but still I want to make the best choice here. I would be more than glad if you give me your opinion!

  • Reply October 18, 2014


    Hi, Mike.

    Great review, but i was confused between getting a HD 218 or a PX 100. Preference would be a wide range of music, barring metal and electronic though.

  • Reply September 15, 2014

    Tony Jones

    screw all headphones.none of them donnot have been around long enought.klipsch has been around longer than any of these new headphone/speaker companys.

  • Reply October 7, 2013


    Thanks for putting the effort into comparing all these headphones. This article is a few years old so would you still recommend the Jays V-Jays as your top portable headphone? How do these compare to the Alessandro MS1/MS1i in terms of sound?

    BTW, I never would have thought of buying the Jays V-Jays without this article.

    • Reply October 7, 2013


      Yes the V-Jays is still very good and I would still keep the ranking as it is today.

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