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1More Colorbuds


I am actually surprised about this section. These earbuds do not sound like a typical single balanced armature in my opinion. They have a warm and fun signature with strong and full bass emphasis. It seems Luca Bignardi tuned the IEMs in a way that most people would like.

The midrange and the treble follow the elevated bass response from slightly behind. The mids are sweet and relatively thick. It is not a detail monster but it does a good job clarity-wise in this price bracket. It has a tamed treble response too, extension is adequate and upper mids have just enough energy. Don’t get me wrong here, it does not sound muddy like the majority of TWS IEMs in this price bracket. The soundstage is mediocre, cubic. It is deeper than it is wide. Imaging capability is adequate, instruments have modest space between them. Listening to hip-hop and R&B tunes is quite fun with the ColorBuds. You may find the instrument tonality artificial but honestly, there are no IEMs in this price bracket that I can label tonally natural so there is that. Dynamism and PRaT of the IEM are not bad at all, it can keep up with the congested passages. 

1More Colorbuds TWS

Quick Comparisons

vs. Lypertek SoundFree S20 / Levi (69 USD)

First thing that I noticed is the increased treble, upper mid presence. The S20 feels more energetic, more vivid compared to the Colorbuds. Colorbuds bass is more rounded, thick and full compared to S20. Resolution-wise they are similar, however, perceived clarity is slightly better with the Levi because of the much lighter mid-bass presence. 

vs. Tronsmart Apollo Bold (99 USD)

The Tronsmart’s review is in the queue, it is a V-shaped IEM with an elevated bass response. The Colorbuds’ bass is much tidier and rounder compared to Apollo Bold. The Colorbuds are technically ahead as well. PRaT, clarity, headroom. If you’re a true bass-head and you care only about the bass quantity, go for the Bold. 

vs. Kinera YH623 (75 USD)

The Kinera YH623 TWS is another bass-head earphone and we covered it here. It is a bass monster and nothing else. It is also a fun earphone but compared to Colorbuds it falls short in pretty much every area except the bass quantity. The Colorbuds can technically rival some of the good balanced signature IEMs while being a bass-elevated TWS but YH623 is just not on the same level, not on the same section, even.

vs. Lypertek TEVI (89 USD) 

The similarly priced TEVI has better control and sounds more balanced across the spectrum. Tonality is better but it is not a warm earphone so if that’s your flavor you’re not going to like TEVI. Tevi’s note weight is slimmer than the CBuds. Tevi has a flat response and a very breathy stage and it is technically more advanced compared to Colorbuds. We gave it an HFN recommended award and it still shines after almost a year.

1More Colorbuds TWS

1More knows how to design and tune Bluetooth devices and they tend to make great products. The Colorbuds are no different. It has a brilliant featureset for a $99 USD TWS, awesome build quality for the price and fun sound signature. If you like listening to hip-hop, EDM or similar genres, give this earphone a chance.

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  • Reply April 9, 2021


    In depth review ❤️…..I am looking for an iem ideal for a basshead with good sound seperation under $200USD…Can you suggest some options??
    Thanks in advance.

    • Reply April 19, 2021


      Thanks mate. I think Lypertek SoundFree S20 / LEVI would be ideal for you.

  • Reply May 18, 2021


    I recently bought one of their earbuds, sound not that satisfactory.

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