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In this review, we take a close look at the Audeze Maxwell, the third generation of the brand’s popular gaming headphones, selling for $299 USD (PS5) / $329 USD (Xbox).


Disclaimer: the Audeze Maxwell was sent to us free of charge by the brand itself in exchange for our honest opinion. 

About Audeze

Founded in 2008, Audeze has become one of the few manufacturers specializing exclusively in planar-magnetic headphones, with the CRBN as their notable electrostatic exception. Starting modestly with just two individuals, Alexander Rosson and Sankar Thiagasamudram, assembling metal pieces to create “the next big thing,” Audeze quickly rose to prominence as a major player in the headphone market.

First, thanks to the LCD’s series, which immediately became a reference for demanding users, with majestic headsets like the LCD-2 and LCD-X. Two pillars that remain relevant, even up-to-this day, thanks to their massive planar-magnetic drivers and luxury design.

Audeze LCD-5

Then with their gaming series, the Mobius and Penrose, two fantastic wireless headphones, that embed all of Audeze latest technology at a surprisingly low-price… for a high-end headphone. So much so that the Mobius became my benchmark for any wireless headphone, even surpassing the mighty Apple AirPods Pro, only impeded by a weak noise isolation.

And, it looks like I wasn’t the one to like that headphone, since Sony Electronic Entertainment – the company known for the PlayStation – decided to acquire the full Audeze company in 2023.

But, right before that sell-out, Audeze still managed to produce one last headphone: the Maxwell, succeeding the Mobius and Penrose as the ultimate wireless gaming headset “designed from the ground up for serious gamers”, and audiophile in the process.

The final form? That’s what we’ll discover today.

The Audeze Series

As usual, we’ll get a quick look at Audeze product range. Not all of them, of course, but the gaming ones.

Audeze Mobius

First of its generation, the Audeze Mobius was a novelty on many levels for the brand. Not only was it their first Bluetooth/wireless gaming headset, the Mobius also represented their first (and only) foray into Kickstarter. A crowdfunding crowned with success, that propelled the brand in an entirely new sphere, extending beyond their customary audiophile niche.

The reason for that success? Great sonic performances, surprisingly clever surround sound and head-tracking, good comfort and a “conservative” MRSP of just $399, for a planar headphone. What’s not to like!

Here is an excerpt of my review:

“Unless if you’ve only read the introduction, you already know my opinion regarding the Audeze Mobius. It’s a fantastic piece of hardware, that doubles up as a great headphone. It embeds all of what Audeze did during the last years, and mixed it into one of the most thrilling devices I’ve ever tried.”

Full review available here: 

Audeze Penrose

Successor of the Mobius Audeze Penrose was more of a variation, than a revolution. While the Mobius was kind of a jack-of-all-trades, suitable for movie enthusiasts, gamers, and audiophiles, the Penrose was, in opposite, explicitly focused on gamers, ditching all the fancy 5.1/7.1 technology found on the Mobius.

I’ve also reviewed that one, and here’s a quick excerpt if you’re curious:

“The Audeze Penrose gives me perplex feelings. It’s a brilliant headphone, with superb presentation and the deep bass every planar lover craves, that you can virtually connect to any modern device, thanks to the wireless dongle.

But, on the other hand, the sound signature doesn’t suit my taste, even more since I own the Mobius, which gives me that extra layer of definition I missed with the Penrose. On a daily basis, plugged to my console, the difference is negligible, but once you focus your attention, the Penrose feels like a cut-off version of the Mobius.”

Full review available here:

Audeze Maxwell

Heralded as the pinnacle of gaming headphones, the Audeze Maxwell embarks a lot of new features, exclusive to this model: Bluetooth 5.3 LE, A.I Noise Filtration, Dolby Atmos (on Xbox and PC) and most importantly, a new 90mm planar drivers and an improved 90-hour battery-life. 


A super impressive headphone on paper, that we were eager to review. Done and done!


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  • Reply January 30, 2024


    A comparison the the LCD GX would be great.

  • Reply February 6, 2024


    A great review as always! Has anyone tried if there is any method to enjoy Apple Dolby Atmos music with Maxwell through either a Macbook or iPad Pro with USB-C? That will be amazing!

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