Review : BGVP DMS – Next in line



  • BGVP DMS + FiiO M5 : the lightweight combo. The synergy is good but not perfect. Transients are slower and highs seem a bit over-saturated. I preferred the FiiO M6, but it’s a bit bigger than the M5.
  • BGVP DMS + Shanling M2X : a very good synergy. The M2X extracts a lot of details out of the DMS, making it nearly chirurgical without sacrificing musicality. Plug the DMS with a balanced cable and the sound stage is nothing short of amazing ! Plus, the overall setup is beautiful to look at, in my opinion
  • BGVP DMS + Cowon Plenue D2 : I’ve already said it in my Cowon Plenue D2 review, the Jet-Effect is the only DSP I will praise, hands down. Activate the Mach3Bass and you’re in for one hell of a trip. That’s still true with the DMS, which gave me heart-throbbing lows.


Last time, some of you complained about not having a comparison section. Here it is now :

  • BGVP DMG : the DMS is very similar to the DMG. Wide sound stage, poor isolation, lot of details and aluminum housing. Yet, the DMS is more neutral, where the DMG is more engaging. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.
  • BGVP DM6 : for a few bucks more, you can get a pair of DM6’s. If not as good in the lows, they offer more micro-details, faster transients, and superb isolation. My main complaint is the peak around 8kHz, which can become tiring over time.
  • FiiO F9 Pro : a cheaper option, with two times fewer drivers. The F9 Pro is a great IEM to discover chi-fi with good aftersales and a complete bundle. But, the DMS performs better, when you’re in a quiet environment.


So, is the BGVP DMS a good addition to the brand line-up? Yes… and no. The sound is superb, especially in this price range, with good dynamics, a neutral signature and no real flaws. Apart from the isolation that is, which truly kills the mood.

When you’re in a quiet environment, the DMS is capable of astonishing feats, even more, if you take into account the 150$/€ price-tag. The difference between the DMS and DMG is more about tuning than pure performance, but if not for the isolation, I’d stick to the DMS. Give me a closed-one BGVP, and this one would go straight to my recommendation list.


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