Review : BGVP DM6 – bulls eye

This week, we review the BGVP DM6, the latest IEM from the brand.

Disclaimer : the BGVP DM6 were sent to us free of charge in exchange of our honest review by Linsoul. The DM6 are sold 199$/€ depending of where you live.

About BGVP

Based in Guangdong, China. BGVP is an IEM maker providing a whole range of earphones at affordable prices. BGVP became more and more popular these last few months, thanks to their latest models, the DMG and DM6.

Both were positively acclaimed by listeners all around the world and as we tested the DMG last time, we now have their flagship, the BGVP DM6 ready for review.

The BGVP Series

As for today, BGVP produces five IEMs, including the DMG we are reviewing today, here is a brief presentation.


The BGVP DMG was reviewed previously, so you can check our review here. It’s a hybrid IEM with 2DD+4BA in a metallic shell. It’s a good earphone with lush sound and replaceable filters to tune the sound, the real drawback being the weak isolation.


The BGVP DN1 is an hybrid IEM, 1x dynamic driver with a titanium diaphragm and 1x balanced driver located directly inside the tube. It’s a “super bassy” earphone but various reviews tend to label it as a V-Shaped IEM.

Sold around 35€, it’s an interesting solution for on the go… if you like this kind of IEM and need an affordable earphone with detachable cables.


The BGVP DX3S is an earbud. Yes, even in this time and day, there still are strange devices like this one. And even more, some are making the Head-Fi headlines, like the VE Monk… The DX3S is a “flat sounding” earphone, nicely made of metal and plastic.

The driver is made of copper cladding aluminium and it has the usual MMCX socket. Cables are made of 5N crystal copper + silver plating, which is pretty nice considering the 50€ price tag. It’s a nice-looking earphone and I’m pretty curious to hear how it compares to the VE Monk.


Last but not least, we have the BGVP DS1, another hybrid IEM made of 1x dynamic driver and 2x balanced drivers. It’s very similar to the DN1 but thanks to the additional driver, it’s supposed to sound more even. The DD use a biofilm for the membrane, which looks really cool as I only saw that with Fostex earphones recently.

Once again, the balanced driver is directly embedded inside the canal, the difference comes from its “two-component” structure. Made of acrylic, the IEM displays a nice two-tone design and is available around 60€. A fair price if you ask me.

A pretty line-up but it’s time to really dig into the review, so let’s go.

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  • Reply February 19, 2019


    These are not the slightest bit treble heavy. I would describe them exactly as he did.

  • Reply February 19, 2019


    Yeah, I wouldn’t call them treble cannons. I find them very neutral.
    Seriously, you have either faulty pair or using wrong tips/not getting seal.

  • Reply February 19, 2019


    How are these compared to Shozy BG?

    I’m in for some Chi-fi IEM’s around 300-400$ maximum budget
    I’m looking for something fairly balanced but more towards warmer side, with mids at least in line or a bit more pronounced than trebles.
    There’s so many of those new IEM’s it’s hard to choose. DM6 and shozy seem to be among standouts, even though they are only around 200-250$.
    Do you think either of these are a good choice or is there something that’s actually worth adding extra 100$?

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