Review : BGVP DM6 – bulls eye

Sound performance

For this review I mostly used DAPs instead of desktop gear. The good isolation provided by the BGVP DM6 lead me to try it almost exclusively on the move, and after all that’s what IEMs are made for.

I chose three players : FiiO M6 / FiiO M9 / iBasso DX150 and paired them to the DM6 in random order. Most of the files used were FLAC 16bit/44kHz streamed from Qobuz or from the internal storage.

Overall signature

I think it’s a new thing, some brands try to make the best IEM for the lowest price possible and, once done, give them the strangest name just to be sure no one will ever find them. BGVP DM6 or KZ ZS5 doesn’t sound sexy at all and unless you’re well-versed in audiophiles circles, you will never try them.

From the first time I wore the BGVP DM6 to this moment, I have been delightfully surprised by the IEM. It’s a great in-ear, regardless of the price or brand. Like the KZ ZS5 at the time, I’ve been amazed of how much you can extract from these little gems nowadays.

If the BGVP DMG were fun, the DM6 is much more serious: Tighter bass, crisp highs, it’s a five-star IEM in every way and the more you give, the more you get. Paired with the iBasso DX150 I was surprised to hear micro-details that were unheard on most IEMs I tried recently.

Sure, a top-tier IEM like my Unique Melody Maestro or the new Meze Penta I just received will stay untouchable. But I’m pretty sure one of thess days we will see a new unknown brand with a low-priced IEM capable of matching this higher end sound quality.

Dynamics are very good and if you like classical music or symphony these IEMs could give you a run for your money. Try Aulos from Vladimir Cauchemar in the latest Ed Banger 15 album, a pianissimo to fortissimo orchestration and you’ll see that even low volume gets you a whole lot of sound.

Like most multi-balanced IEMs, the BGVP DM6 is dramatically accurate with fast transients and great layering. You can easily separate each vocals and even with complex tunes, the IEM never felt overwhelmed or out of pace. My only complaint would be a little bump in the high-mids, combined to the high-sensitivity as this leads to sparkling cymbals on some tracks.

Apart from that, the BGVP DM6 sounds flat and I never touched the equalizer, no matter what.


Highs : accuracy is the key. There is a bit too much highs for my taste but I’m pretty sure this should not be an issue for 99% of listeners. You can discern little details with ease and it never feels forced or artificial. With a good mix, it’s a terrific experience without any harshness.

Good test-track: Aulos – Ed Banger 15

Mediums : vo-vo-vo-vocals. Mids are well-balanced and voices sounds clear in any configuration. There is this small bump around 6-7kHz putting some emphasis on female voices / brass and trumpets, some will like it other will have to live with it. Overall, it’s still very, very good.

Good test-track : San-Francisco Street – Sun Rai

Lows : do you want your bass dry ? The low section is linear to say the least. From 20Hz to 120Hz, you get the same amount of bass with no distortion at all. It’s clearly not a bass-headed IEM nor is it shy in this section, just give it a try.

Good test-track : Hyrdogen – M.O.O.N

Sensitivity / Hiss

The BGVP DM6 is easy to drive but also prone to hiss. Plugged on my iPad, I was immediately welcomed by a discrete but audible “humm”. This can be mitigate with a cable swap or simply by using a good DAP, even the FiiO M6 did very well here.

Associations and conclusion are to be found on Page five, just click HERE.


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    • Reply February 19, 2019


      These are not the slightest bit treble heavy. I would describe them exactly as he did.

    • Reply February 19, 2019


      Yeah, I wouldn’t call them treble cannons. I find them very neutral.
      Seriously, you have either faulty pair or using wrong tips/not getting seal.

    • Reply February 19, 2019


      How are these compared to Shozy BG?

      I’m in for some Chi-fi IEM’s around 300-400$ maximum budget
      I’m looking for something fairly balanced but more towards warmer side, with mids at least in line or a bit more pronounced than trebles.
      There’s so many of those new IEM’s it’s hard to choose. DM6 and shozy seem to be among standouts, even though they are only around 200-250$.
      Do you think either of these are a good choice or is there something that’s actually worth adding extra 100$?

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