BGVP Q2 TWS Review

Sensitivity / Hiss




The BGVP Q2 isn’t hard to drive : the amplifier and DSP are directly built-in, so all you have to do is connect your source and click play. There is faint hiss at very-low to low volume, but once you reach 25%, it’s completely hidden by the music.

Connected to a DAP through the MMCX ports, the Q2 was harder to drive than I expected them to be. Obviously, any modern player should have no issue with them and the annoying hiss I heard before, completely disappeared.


To recommend a specific association with the BGVP Q2 is no easy task. By their True Wireless nature, they are made to pair with a bluetooth source, so as long as it supports Bluetooth 4.0 or 5.0 it should work.

Strangely, if the Q2 are Bluetooth 5.0 compliant, they do not carry any apt-X/LDAC certification, not a big issue but still inconvenient for an audiophile TWS. I mostly used it with my iPhone 11 and didn’t hear a difference when switching back to the FiiO M11.

If you want to us the MMCX port, just remember to bring your own cable, as BGVP doesn’t provide one with the IEM. And also, remember to turn off the Q2 bluetooth, or you won’t be able to launch any sound through the wired connection.


Who’s going to the pit with the BGVP Q2 ? A few models actually :

– Apple AirPods Pro : holding 50% of the market share, the AirPods had to be in this comparison. I bought a pair of AirPods Pro a few times ago now and, to be honest, was pleasantly surprised by the sound. Yet, the Q2 remains better on every aspect : wider soundstage, deeper bass, faster transients, it’s much more audiophile focused.

– Jays M-Seven : my go-to TWS on an everyday basis. It’s cheap, got the longest battery life I known, the bass are outstanding and it’s (mostly) waterproof. But, if we talk about sound only, the BGVP Q2 outperforms them by a good margin. Comfort is equally good in my opinion, so M-Seven for sport and bass, Q2 for the sound !

– FiiO UTWS1 + Shanling ME500 : this combo is far more expensive than the BGVP Q2, but I was curious to hear the difference. The ME500 feels more precise, with sharper highs and mids, but the residual noise reduces the dynamic and honestly, on a wireless basis, I’d prefer the Q2. If we switch back to wired connection, the ME500 takes back the lead, once properly driven.


The BGVP Q2 is the first TWS to get full coverage on our website, for a reason: it sounds amazing. For the $75 to $109 price it’s incredible. BGVP has also confirmed every little bug will be corrected and that early reviewer feedback will be taken into account for the consumer version.

It’s not especially good-looking and won’t give you the same “hype” you’d get from the Apple Airpods Pro, but sonically speaking, they are leaps beyond them. The acrylic shells are supremely comfortable, battery life is good, the signal is stable and you can even plug them with a classic cable to your DAP.

For less than 200 bucks(?) they go directly to the TWS recommendation list, as an upgrade of the Jays M-Seven. If the latter offer a longer battery life, and stronger bass, sound-wise, the BGVP Q2 outperform the Jays on every aspect. Get a set now on DROP, right here:

I can’t wait to see what’s coming next, now that we can get TWS IEM with audiophile performances.


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  • Reply January 23, 2020

    David Becker

    You say that there is no cable included but you have a photo of it with the other included accessories. I have a Q2 as well and it came with the same black braided MMCX cable.

  • Reply February 16, 2020


    Is there anyplace else to purchase this besides Drop???

  • Reply February 16, 2020

    Jonathan Bernabe

    How do they perform when watching videos? Do you get any latency?

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