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The BGVP Q2 definitely looks like a DM6/DM7, modded to fit a TWS module.

This is not bad by any mean, but some might be puzzled. I’ve been wearing True Wireless for quite a while now (hello Bragi Dash) so I’m quite accustomed to them. Yet, out of the box, the Q2 intrigued me with its hybrid design: a TWS with MMCX port? What sorcery is this!

Like the DM6 and DM7, the Q2 is made of acrylic, 3D printed for good measure and reduced cost. It’s not as sturdy as the usual plastic housing, but it’s also much more comfortable. I always preferred acrylic to any other material for my ears, compared to the AirPods Pro I bought for comparison, it feels comfier and at the end of the day, more natural.

The BGVP Q2 doesn’t exude the same “high-tech” feeling you might find on most TWS, like the AirPods, the MW07 from Master&Dynamic, or even the Jays M-Seven. It just feels like an IEM, who’s been fitted a Bluetooth module, which is both its strength and its weakness.

Personally, I think BGVP made the right choice, going for an acrylic shell. It’s a technique they mastered and the fit really makes the difference over time, which is what matters at the end of the day.

Build quality

The BGVP Q2 was built using 3D printers. If they won’t feel as supremely solid as the DMS, the acrylic seems thick enough to withstand the test of time.

All in all, I’m a bit perplex regarding the overall build quality. If the MMCX port is a great entry, giving me the opportunity to connect the Q2 to a DAP, the implementation is not very… sexy. Likewise, the engraving of the model name is a bit crude, but that’s a minor inconvenience and I’m sure this will be fixed over time.

The charging box, which works as a carry-box too, enjoys the soft-touch finish found on the Jays M-Seven box. It’s subtle, but thanks to that, the box doesn’t scratch or hold fingerprints. That said, the design isn’t outstanding by any means, we are miles away from what Master&Dynamic has to offer, for comparison.

So, let’s be fair, there are much nicer options out there, for less, or more money. But, that’s only cosmetic, and at Headfonia, we care more about sound than anything else.

Bundle and Comfort

Inside the box

The BGVP Q2 is provided with :

  •  the BGVP Q2
  •  the charging case
  •  a small pouch
  •  one MMCX cable
  •  a USB-C charging cable
  •  a few tips (silicons and foam)

It’s more consequent than I expected and the fact that BGVP offers you the choice to plug your IEM either through wired and wireless connection is pretty cool I think. Additional accessories

If you want, you can connect the BGVP Q2 with a DAP thanks to the MMCX cable, provided by the brand. If you really want to, you can buy a better after-market cable. This is the only accessory I’d recommend as they are natively provided with a charging box.

Maybe you can get a set of Spinfit, but that’s all.


In short: the BGVP Q2 is extremely comfortable.

The mix of semi-custom shape, soft acrylic, long tips, and lightweight case make for a superb experience. They don’t have the disgusting protuberance found on the AirPods, never fell when I was running and fitted right every time.

If you’re not too fond of TWS based on previous bad experiences, try the Q2. Also, the lack of cable make for no microphonics sound, and that’s already a win.


Isolation is quite good, all thanks to the acrylic case and semi-custom fit.

The BGVP Q2 fitted my ears right from the start, even with the medium silicon tips. Compared to the AirPods Pro, which offers active noise-cancellation, I found the Q2 to be more consistent. When a really high-pitched sound occurs, the AirPods correction can’t be fast enough to block it, where passive isolation works every time.

It’s a great solution for commuting, helped by the absolute comfort of the shell.

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  • Reply January 23, 2020

    David Becker

    You say that there is no cable included but you have a photo of it with the other included accessories. I have a Q2 as well and it came with the same black braided MMCX cable.

  • Reply February 16, 2020


    Is there anyplace else to purchase this besides Drop???

  • Reply February 16, 2020

    Jonathan Bernabe

    How do they perform when watching videos? Do you get any latency?

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