Canjam Europe 2016 – Number 4 already

Disclaimer: Headfonia is a media partner for Canjam Europe. Canjam Europe is not related to Head-Fi’s Canjams which we reported about a few weeks ago. Complicated, right? All pictures are property of Canjam Europe and the photographers, these aren’t our pictures.

Canjam Europe

This Canjam Europe is the CE that we’ve been reporting about since 2013 already. Check out the show reports of the previous years here:

2013: Show report 1

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2015: Show report One, Two, Three

The show is held in Essen, Germany which is close to the Dutch and Belgian border but there actually lots of different nationalities coming to the show. Canjam Europe states that they’re the biggest dedicated headphone and portable audio fair in Europe and that the show is for everyone: the occasional headphone listener to the audiophile high-end system owners.

Headphone enthusiast? Whether beginner or professional, we invite you to CanJam Europe! Listen to headphones and amplifiers from different manufacturers, in all sizes, shapes and price ranges, compare and try high-res player, DACs, Bluetooth speakers and other accessories. Visit lectures and get tips from experts. See lovingly combined and optimized systems from private users and chat with other music lovers. We’ll happy to welcome you at CanJam Europe 2016!
Canjam Europe 2

The event consists of a general trade fair, where commercial exhibitors show their brands and products, and a separate community meet, where private headphone enthusiasts present their playing equipment and talk about do-it-yourself projects. There might even be a Headfonia booth this event, but I won’t go into too much details on that yet. The list of brands that will be present at the show simply is too long to post here but feel free to check out the multi-page overview on Canjam Europe’s website yourself, it’s quite impressive.

Visitors literally get to try thousands of headphones, hundreds of portable and desktop players, headphone amps, DACs and other accessories for portable hifi. Its format of a table show is what makes CanJam Europe so special: Visitors sit at the table of currently more than 60 exhibitors, can try and compare every available device and talk to engineers and product managers. Even the latest Sennheiser HE-1 (the new Orpheus) and the new Focal headphones will be available for demoing. I really look forward to those Focals myself! And then there’s the Abyss and, …

The Canjam Europe show will be held in the weekend of September 24th and 25th and the opening hours for visitors are Saturday, 10- 18 o’clock and Sunday, 10 – 17 o’clock. Day tickets cost 8€, weekend tickets 15€ and kids under 14 get free entrance. As usual the event will have place in the MESSE ESSEN, CONGRESS CENTER WEST (Norbertstraße, 45131 Essen, Germany)

So, who’s joining me for two days of audiophile fun (and beer)?


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  • Reply September 14, 2016


    I am 🙂

    Two days in London wasn’t by far enough to listen to all that wonderful gear, Essen will be another great opportunity. Hopefully many of the companies that have not exhibit in London will be in Essen.

    Ahhh….You managed to write Canjam Europe and Head-Fi in a single sentence. I’m afraid we’ll have to report that to Mr. Mansilla …..

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