Review: Earsonics – EM64 – Stage candy

Disclaimer: I was sent the Earsonics EM64 free of charge in exchange for this review. Earsonics is in no other way related to Headfonia and the sample doesn’t need to be returned. I want to apologize to Earsonics for publishing this review later as foreseen.


The French company doesn’t really need an introduction anymore as they have produced a whole series of internationally loved universal, as well as custom IEMs.

Earsonics is a European company which is based in the south of France. The company was founded around 10 years ago by Frank Lopez and Earsonics quickly gained a following in the audio community. How? Simply by making well built, great sounding gear.

This video nicely sums up what Earsonics is all about:

Earsonics however is not only active in the world of Inears but they’re also working hard on hearing protection for different applications. We’ll of course only be looking at the IEM part of their business on HFN. Their Inear division is divided in two major categories: Custom Inear monitors (audiophile & stage) and Universal monitors (music & signature series).

In a field where data sheet and race for pure performance are rule, we forget the essential: What drives you to get the best, just to create this emotion that makes you forget everything else. Our headphones are developed in this way, create EMOTION …

Like all the other successful companies, Earsonics is working together with a whole series of famous international artists, and more info about that can be found on their website.

Links to the other IEMs we have reviewed:


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That’s quite the list, and it probably makes Earsonics the most reviewed brand on HFN together with Hifiman.


The EM64 is a custom IEM only and it comes with 6 Balanced Armature drivers and a 3-way crossover. Earsonics states that the EM64 is a perfect synthesis of power, rigor of the spectrum, and maximal headroom. The best professional tool to experience live music. And there you have it, the Earsonics EM64 is a Pro monitor to be used on the stage.

The EM64 brings together everything that has made the EM3Pro and EM32 a success: maximum performance and power, rigor and control of dynamic signals during “live” plays. The EM64 according to Earsonics has maximum sound performance with a full, rich quality throughout the sonic spectrum.

The Em64 Also introduces the new “Truewave” process allowing optimum work on phase control and a first-order magnitude-Coherence Curve. But more on that in the next chapter.

The Earsonics EM64 product page can be found here:

The EM64’s configuration for the balanced armatures is the most common one for a 6-driver and that is a 2-2-2 combo with double BAs for the lows, two for the mids and two for highs. With this configuration most will expect a more balanced monitor but as it’s built for stage use, that’s not really true or needed in fact. We’ll get back in to this in the part on sound, later in this article.

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