FiiO FD3 Review


Design & Build Quality

Shell design

Like the FD5,  the new FiiO FD3 really stands apart from its siblings.

When all the FAx and FHx IEMS display a semi-custom shell, that mimics custom in-ears to fill the ear, the FD3 and FD5 design is more on the blunt side. The lighter aluminum shell feels nimbler in the hand, compared to the stainless steel one found on the FD5, but we’re talking about a few grams here. Nothing you could really notice on a daily basis.


As usual, each shell is made from a solid block of aluminum/magnesium, carefully carved through a 5-axis CNC-milling process. If the FD5 were given a silvery shiny shell, this one gets a dark touch, with an astounding faceplate. Circled by a golden ring, the faceplate embeds a marble-like celluloid panel, covered by a magnifying glass. 

Personally, I prefer this design, even if the FD5 complexion gave a more “high-end” touch. Either way, I find the FD3 absolutely gorgeous and if the FD5 bling-side adverted you, this should not be the case with this new model.

Last but not least, those shells are fairly big, even if smaller than the FD5, but FiiO had to fit those big drivers somewhere. But as I said, they are now lighter, so maybe the size won’t be a hindrance once we’ll wear them. We’ll see that at a later time, for now, let’s just say that’s one very cool IEM and keep moving on with our review.



Build quality

The FiiO FD3 build quality is top-notch, like all FiiO’s recent models.

The MMCX port fits perfectly, there is no gap wherever your hand can touch, no shards or misplaced elements, and the smoothness of the shell gives a good level of comfort. I think they outmatch the FiiO FH5, FH7, and FH3 sturdiness, by a strand of hairs,  and this is definitely an IEM that shall withstand the stand of time. The only caveat being the glass covering the faceplate, as it may be prone to scratch over time, but at the moment, they are still as good as new.


If you go for the FiiO FD3, you’ll get a very nice braided cable, made of 4-strands of high-purity monocrystalline copper wire, and an angled 3.5mm Jack plug. A very nice cable, even if preferred the one bundled with the FH3, with its tangle-free sheath. 


But if you go deluxe, and get the FiiO FD3 Pro, you’ll enjoy the new LC-RE cable, with swappable terminations. In fact, you can now switch between 3.5/2.5/4.4mm and keep the same exact cable. It’s a 30 seconds process, involving no tools and just a light twist, thanks to some clever engineering.

The cable itself is made of 8 monocrystalline silver-plated copper strands, which is, also, an upgrade compared to the LC3.5/2.5C bundled with the FA9.

Sensitivity / Hiss 

Impedance is low, sensitivity is relatively high so yes, you can drive those IEM’s with almost anything, but it will shine only when hooked on a good DAC or DAP.

It’s slightly sensitive to hiss, so keep away any badly grounded source.

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    does fd3 SURPASS fh1s in ANY WAY?


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