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Sound performances

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Highs: clean and refined. The FiiO FD3 is slightly more harsh than the FD5 in this regard. Hi-hats and high-pitched sounds can be overwhelming at times, notably around 8kHz, but that remains very lovable. For a sole DD IEM, that’s even more impressive, even if similar-priced multi-BA IEM manages to deliver more details. Yet, that remains excellent.

Good test-track: I gotta keep Dancin’(Keep Smiling) – Carrie Lucas

Mediums: rich and full. Obviously, the wide soundstage, paired with the semi-open design and clean mids make for a very pleasant experience. As usual, FiiO’s done an excellent job in this regard: voices are bliss, and the IEM can fully immerse you, in just a few seconds. With a good source, you can even attain some 3D effect, with properly tuned songs.

Good test-track: Metroma (Jody Wisternoff & James Grant Remix) – The Sei

Bass : deep, fast, natural. As usual, the lows are the pillar of all the great things that happens upfront. The bass is impressive and the more you listen, the more you get hooked. The big diaphragm and complex engineering really shine here and the FD3 automatically raises above any other FHx IEM, in my opinion.

Good test-track : Day Break – CYA



FiiO FD3 + iBasso DX300: overkill. If you want the best sound and don’t want to go cheap, the DX300+FD3 is a sure choice.  You get streaming services, exceptional sound quality, and all the fancy options in exchange for a relatively big device. One that won’t fit in every pocket, but it’s worth the hassle. 

FiiO FD3 + EarMen Sparrow: pocket-sized bliss. EarMen DACs have become my main choice when I want to get good sound on the go. Using them daily since the day I got one, I’ve been hooked to the Sparrow and its clean balanced headphone port. Paired with the FiiO FD3 and a balanced cable, you get clean bass, powerful vocals, and a beautiful soundstage, that puts you in the center of everything.

FiiO FD3 + xDuoo XD-05 BAL: magic trick. The xDuoo XD-05 BAL may not be a device that I use daily,  but after hearing it back, I really should. It’s one of the best DAC in this price range, giving the FiiO Q5 and EarMen TR-AMP a real run for the money. I love the screen, I love its accuracy, I love the design, and paired with the FiiO FD3, the whole setup gives that good old audiophile vibes, visually and sonically.


Once again, FiiO did what they do best: produce a new model, cheaper than the previous one, but carrying almost, if not, all its features. For half the price, the FiiO FD3 offers almost the same prowess as the FD5.

Sound performances are better than the FH3, the hybrid alternative, as the new FD3 delivers more punch and a wider soundstage, at the same volume. And the better the source, the wider the gap, even if upper models like the FH7 keep the upper hand.

Yet, If you want clean lows, velvet voices, and super highs, in a beautiful package, this is the one. The best feature? It’s as relaxed as advertised, so much that you could keep them for hours and never feel tired, compared to your usual IEM. And that’s really, really cool.


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    does fd3 SURPASS fh1s in ANY WAY?


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