FiiO FD3 Review


Comfort and usage


At first, I was set back by the shape, but the FiiO FD3 was surprisingly comfy.

The sound tubes now come in two different shapes, small or big, to tune the final render (more on that later). If the large tube is standard and outputs “detailed treble”, the smaller one offers more low and allows a deeper insertion. I tried it and was impressed by how tight the seal could get, but some might get uncomfortable and prefer the foam one.


And if the FD3 didn’t get the same semi-custom design found on the FA9 of FH3, with the right tips, it fitted right into my ears. The latter remains comfier – I still prefer acrylic to metal – thanks to the semi-custom design, but it’d be unfair to flag the FD3 as “uncomfortable”. 


Honestly, for a semi-closed IEM, I was impressed by the FiiO FD3 noise isolation.

It’s not perfect of course, but it’s much better than I expected: once you play your music at a moderate level, the IEM will be able to cover most unwanted noises. That might be the thick shell but, most of the time, it just works. 

That said, compared to acrylic IEM like my AudioSense DT600 or noise-canceling ears like the AirPods Pro, they can be overwhelmed, especially in places like the subway or high-speed trains.



Inside the box

The FiiO FD3 comes with a nice bundle. In the box, you get:

  • the FiiO FD3
  • an LC-RE cable with 3.5mm, 2.5mm, and 4.4mm termination (for the FD3 Pro)
  • a classic 3.5mm jack, braided cable (for the FD3)
  • an acrylic carry case
  • two sound tube
  • a tool for MMCX cable replacement (provided by Final as it seems)
  • 6 bass eartips, 6 balanced eartips, 6 vocal eartips, 2 foam tips
  • a cleaning brush


A comprehensive bundle, that reminds me of the AudioSense DT600 one which also got a very nice travelling case. Bonus point for the cable removal tool, which is so useful that it should be included in EVERY IEM bundle. I know it sounded like a gimmick at first, but it’s so much easier to remove the cable with them…

Additional accessories

Honestly, the FiiO FD3 – and even more, the FD3 Pro – comes with everything you might need. So, the only thing that I could suggest, would be a good DAC or DAP. Personally, I chose the iBasso DX300 as my main source and the EarMen Sparrow + ddHifi TC28i on the go, but it’s up to you.

So yeah, it doesn’t get better than that. Let’s check what’s inside the box now.


So, time to check the specs!

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Page 6:Tonality and conclusion

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    does fd3 SURPASS fh1s in ANY WAY?


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