FiiO JH3 Review


Design & Build Quality


Aesthetically, the FiiO JH3 falls directly in line with the FHx series. And that’s a good thing!

Of course, with a plastic/acrylic shell, the JH3 can’t match the FH3 and FH5, made of an aluminum/magnesium alloy. However, the newcomer still comes with an aluminum faceplate, CNC-milled and hand-finished, for good measure.


If the whole shell is painted in plain smoke-black, the silvery faceplate enjoys a stripped design, enhanced by a PVD-coating that gives a mirror-like finish. An effect mostly visible under the grazing light, but very nice nonetheless. The most astounding feature remains the brass nozzle, contrasting nicely with the main body, thanks to its golden accents.

Fairly small, the FiiO JH3 is narrower than the FH3 for comparison, but so does the retail price. I mean, we are still in the sub-$50 territory and for that, you get a very nice IEM.

Build Quality

Unsurprisingly, build quality is top-notch, and if the FiiO JH3 is one of the most affordable IEM the brand has to offer, they don’t feel like a cheap knock-off you’d buy in an airport lounge. There are no steps, no cracks, no bruises, just one smooth surface all over the shell, and it feels perfectly balanced in the hand.

Of course, compared to the FH3 and FD3, the new JH3 isn’t as good-looking, especially when you focus on the junction between the faceplate and the main body – invisible on the higher-end model. Is it a deal-breaker? I don’t think so.


Also, considering the retail price, the cable is extremely impressive and matches the one I saw on Shanling and AudioSense’s models. It’s a braided, copper-free, angle-shaped one, coming with… 2-pins terminations. Yes, when every other model enjoys the comfortable MMCX port, the FiiO JH3 relies on a 2-pin connection.

Some may like it, but personally… I’m an MMCX guy!


With a semi-custom design and lightweight shell, the FiiO JH3 is a breeze to wear.

The JH3 enjoys the latest generation of FiiO’s own semi-custom design. With the right tips, the IEM feels the whole ear and offers a tight fit, to ensure the best performances. The cable doesn’t transmit microphonics, the tips are numerous, and even long listening sessions didn’t put any strain on my ears.

The only issue I could point out would be the 2-pin socket, that doesn’t rotate like the MMCX one, but apart from that, there isn’t much to complain about. 



Like most semi-custom IEM, the FiiO JH3 offers strong isolation from unwanted noises.

Be it railroad sounds, subway closing-doors siren, or the usual talking “brouhaha” heard in crowded places, the IEM managed to dampen it quite swiftly. I use a mechanical keyboard at the office, and once I plugged those IEM and play some music, at low volume, the “click” completely disappeared.

Of course, if you want the best isolation, use the foam tips, which will completely fill your ears.

So, time to check the specs!

Page 1: About the brand

Page 3:Bundle and specifications

Page 4: Sound Performances

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  • Reply April 6, 2022


    Friends, Learn from my experience. Please please don’t buy FiiO JH3. It sounds pathetic. You will feel like hearing from tweeters. Treble is very harsh.

    I used JH3 for three days and the connector pin is broken. The technical team mentioned that JH3 cannot be repaired. I was trying to wear the JH3 and the connector pin is broken. Very very poor quality from FiiO. Now JH3 is gone waste within 3 days. I am completely disappointed and feel cheated.

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