Noble Audio Viking Ragnar Review


Allegro is one of the most impressive IEMs I’ve tested in the last two years. It comes in much smaller packaging, with a luxury leather case. Noble’s box is much bigger, with a full-size Nanuk case, with more accessories. However, I appreciated Plussound’s compact package and it also has pretty good accessories. 

Allegro has great build quality just like the Ragnar. They’re both very premium and great looking, more impressive than the press photos in the hand. The fit, in my case, is better with the Noble, as I think it has a bit more ergonomic shape.

For sound, the Allegro is much warmer and fuller in tonality. It’s more organic and more satisfying when it comes to musical joy. It also has a great treble response (with the right ear tips), and more bass quantity if that’s your thing. The Ragnar is more coherent to me, which has a more realistic sound, better resolution and better transparency.

The treble is simply better with the Ragnar, with more extension and clarity. So to me, the net winner here overall is the Viking Ragnar, even though the sound of the Allegro is more enjoyable. 

Here’s another highly musical and smooth IEM, the Perpetua. It’s quite possible that it has the most luxurious package in the market of IEMs. The amount of accessories and premiums in the Perpetua package is amazing. It also has a great build, though I think the Noble is a bit more impressive in there. They both fit nicely, but the Perpetua is not that tip dependent for sound. 

Nevertheless, these two are exact opposites in terms of delivery and presentation. The Dita doesn’t have this much resolution and transparency. It doesn’t have this extending and crystal-clear treble either. The Perpetua is aimed to give a very musical delivery, and it has one of the smoothest sounds you can find in any IEM. It’s just so good to listen to it for long hours. Just relax and enjoy.

For the technical performance though, the Ragnar is simply better in every category. It doesn’t have that unique timbre of the Perpetua, but it just sounds so open and airy when directly compared. 

You might wonder about Ragnar’s performance against Kublai Khan. Basically, is it worth spending even more than the 2599$ price of the Kublai Khan? They both come in similar boxes with the same Nanuk case and accessories, just to let you know. They both fit very well, and they both have great build & design. The build quality of the Ragnar is more impressive though, with better materials. It also has a much better stock cable.

For sound, the Kublai Khan represents an out-of-this-world sound, with great airiness and spaciousness. The Ragnar is more realistic, more coherent, has better transient response & speed, and it has better imaging. The Kublai Khan has bone conduction drivers for bass, and as I remarked in its own review, the bass might sound a bit disconnected so that takes some of the coherency away. It is a fantastic monitor though, especially for the sub-bass performance, smooth but extended treble, and clean mids. Yet, the Viking Ragnar performs better in every technical aspect, especially in terms of definition, focus, separation and cohesiveness. 

It just doesn’t have the fun and joy that the Kublai Khan provides. But if we have to ask for the most realistic sound, the Ragnar has it.


A truly special IEM, the Noble Audio Viking Ragnar represents today’s pinnacle technical performance in the IEM market. If you want a highly technical, a bit analytical, and immensely resolving sound, the Viking Ragnar is hard to beat. 

And when you look at the whole package, you get a great package and case, fantastic build quality and design, premium cable, and top-end technical sound. The price might become a bit easier to swallow in that case. Sure, the price point is very very high just for one IEM, but the market niche has become incredibly expensive. Some IEMs nowadays cost around 6000$ or even more, which to me is quite insane.

I recommend the Viking Ragnar to audiophiles that have deep pockets and want to experience the top-level technicalities in an IEM. It is a new Recommended Buy and it’s now featured on our Best UIEM list here, where it’s in good company.

  • Incredible build
  • Classy design
  • High-end stock cable
  • Fantastic technical performance
  • Resolution and clarity king
  • Good fit
  • Price
  • You might ask for a more musical delivery (check Noble Ronin)
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