HeadAmp Pico

The Pico is a portable USB DAC/Amp that was released by HeadAmp at the end of 2008. It has a very small footprint making…

Graham Slee Voyager

If an amplifier is supposed to amplify the signal feed to it while preserving its sound as pure as possible, Mr. Graham Slee for…

RSA SR-71a

Ray Samuels managed to create one hell of a portable amp in the RSA SR-71a. Plugged in to the extremely revealing, legendary Apuresound recabled…

Headphone Replicas

Replicas have invaded virtually all industries, from designer handbags to luxury watches, and now, to headphones as well.

Moon Voice Nano CMOY

Now here is a shocking little CMOY with an unbelievably high power output (for a CMOY, and portable). We’re not talking about driving AKG K501s or Sennheiser HD650s here. I’m talking driving an AKG K340 with a CMOY.

Calico’s Woody Workshop

Calico produces the most beautiful Woody housing I have ever seen. Sadly he doesn’t have an online shop, so it might be tough to get in touch with him. If there is enough demand, I can ask him if I can post his contact information here. Anyway here are some samples of his work: