Picture Sunday: Cowon Plenue S ‘ Beauty

The star of this week’s Picture Sunday is the Cowon Plenue S DAP. Check out other recent Picture Posts Here, and Here.

First of all I want to mention that this picture wasn’t taken by any of the Headfonia crew but it was taken by Bryan Co and it was shown on Instagram where Bryan is known as Sp3llv3xit. Bryan describes himself as follows: “Loyal. Irreverent. Music lover. Knowledge seeker. Businessman.” Bryan takes pictures of a lot of things but the majority of his picture stream is audio related. If you feel like checking out more of his work you can do so on Instagram and Flickr.

The Cowon Plenue S as shown in his picture is incredibly beautiful. We haven’t had the possibility yet to officially review it on Headfonia.com but I’m secretly hoping that Nathan can get a hold of one. After all, he did review the pretty little Cowon Plenue D, a great portable Audio Player.

At the same time so many companies are bringing out DAPs that it’s almost impossible to review them all. Only yesterday I read that a well known audio company will be launching an old-school player somewhere this year, one that reminds me of the iPod 15 years ago… And then there’s the “rumour” that one of the big companies will be restyling their entire line-up this year. DAPs, it’s a big market. Unfortunately all the prices are getting big too…

Thank you Bryan for letting us borrow your picture!


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  • Reply July 16, 2017


    Dont get me wrong the Plenue S is a beautiful device, the docking station is even more beautiful until you see the price tag holy crap!

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