Review: labkable Titan Au – Gold Standard

labkable Titan Au


Only a very few cables come close to the price of Titan Au, at least those I have spent time comparing it to. Actually, it’s only two other cables that will be featured in this section. Hong Kong’s premium cable manufacturer PWaudio with his four-wire flagship 1960s and Singapore’s leading cable guys from Effect Audio with their gold-plated silver Horus. Both competitors are more flexible in build quality as they only count four wires instead of ten. Especially Horus with Effect’s ultra flexi insulation offers a comfort that is unrivalled between these three.

PWaudio – 1960s 4wire (~2000$)
The 1960s easily outranks Titan when it comes to transparency and detail reproduction, it outranks any other cable I came across in that regard though. PW’s cable has a more revealing and brighter signature, whereas the labkable is thicker and richer. Both cables have a very wide sound stage, though Titan does stretch further. High notes are softer on Titan and not as revealing. Mids are better layered on PW with superior separation. The PW cable comes with a higher-grade Rhodium plated Furutech plug, which compared to the AK plug, is more premium.

Effect Audio – Horus (1599$)
With a difference of 700$ in price, Effect Audio’s Horus comes in noticeably cheaper. As mentioned above it is tons more comfortable and flexible. Horus comes with EA’s proprietary PSquared plug and Ferrite Guard tech, both of which have convinced me on my Limited Black Edition Leonidas. Horus is like the Titan very detailed and precise, though both are on another level compared to the labkable. Titan as well as Horus has a rich tonality from bass to treble. Though Titan Au has a bigger bodied mid-bass presentation. Sound stage is in comparison bigger when it comes to width and depth. The crown for instrumental separation and layering goes to Horus in my opinion. With its smoother and organic tone Horus matches better with a bigger number of monitors.

labkable Titan Au

labkable Titan Au


Labkable clearly knows how to make astonishing products. With an industry-unique offering of their WeaveTech cable structure and Hyper Quantum cable running treatment they go the extra mile for their customers. I don’t know of many brands that give their cables that kind of treatment before releasing it into the wild.

The supplied package is something I would expect from an expensive piece of jewellery, labkable seems to think the same, since they even worked in a diamond in this cable. I don’t have a lot of wishes for the Titan Au, but what I would like to see is a more flexible build and a chin slider that reflects its status as one of the top cables around. It’s in the fine details, which also matter. Making the cable itself more comfortable certainly is a task with the number of wires used…

The Titan Au features one of the most impressive sonic qualities I have come across in the recent past. Its sound stage and rich presentation are outstanding and make some monitors of mine really hard to take out again. IEMs like Katana or W900 sound the very best with this cable and leave me completely floored.


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