Review: labkable Titan Au – Gold Standard

labkable Titan Au

Sound Quality:

As with all my cable reviews I used my Noble Audio Katana in ear monitors for sound evaluation, because they offer the most noticeable changes in audio quality. Additional pairings with other monitors can be found a little later. Testing has been done mostly with either the Hugo2 or Mojo at the office, or my SP1000 on the go. All of which offer great sound on their own.

The first thing that very much jumped at me was the incredible sound stage it creates. It really gives you the feeling to be transported into the middle, where everything just wraps around you. Also very noticeable is the added mid-bass body that gives the whole presentation a fuller tone. Bass is tighter with extended sub-bass quantity. Midrange is nicely organic and aims for high rendering and resolution. Male and female vocals both shine through Titan Au, with a smooth and cohesive sound. Treble might not have received the same amounts of richness like mids and bass, but definitely is also pleasing. Though certain sounds can come across as bright, some crashing cymbals for example were received as harsher. Overall though it is remarkably extended into the highest registers.

The Titan has a certain richness throughout the entire frequency range that makes listening to this cable a real joy. It’s immensely detailed and precise with outstanding imaging. The instrumental separation and layering are of top shelf quality.


Let’s get this out in the open, I don’t think that there is one cable that’s perfect for each and every monitor available. There sure are cables that match well with a lot of monitors and there are some cables that only play nicely with a hand full of IEMs. Everything comes down to personal preferences though, as always. I’m hoping to give you a better understanding of how the Titan Au performs by giving you the pair-up section. Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in it… who knows.

Noble Audio – Kaiser Encore
I noticed a bigger sound stage in terms of depth and width, it however does not create the same dimensions as with Katana. Encore has a bigger body with Titan in its lower regions, reaching deeper into sub bass, yet still lacking the punch other monitors possess. Stereo imaging and instrumental separation both got level’d up in performance with great amounts of air between the instruments. Highs are very revealing, giving Encore a brighter sound up top, which might not be to the liking of some. Mids are smooth and organic, with voices a little up-front. Resolution is on a very high level with very transparent character. Encore in my opinion is best paired with a warmer cable.

labkable Titan Au

labkable Titan Au

64 Audio – A18t (M20)
Same as Katana and Encore the Tzar also received a bigger bass-body with higher dynamics and sweeter, smoother vocals. Though to me they’re not as up-front as on Encore. Sound stage width stretches maybe a bit further, while depth and height stayed practically the same. A18 still kept its mind-numbing transparency and resolution. Highs did receive a touch brighter sparkle, but not to a degree like Encore. Overall the signature got more bassy and fuller.

64 Audio – A18t (M15)
The M15 module balances out the Tzar’s signature and gives it a richer and fuller top end. Midrange is more in line with the rest of the spectrum. Bass is less big than with M20, but thicker and fuller compared to non-Titan-Au A18t. Another noticeable change is the higher rendering capabilities, which are obvious especially in the back of the stage.

AdvancedAcoustic Werkes – W900
Back when I was reviewing the W900 I was shocked how much better it got with the labkable Titan Au. Going back to that pairing puts a big smile on my face. The stage it creates is unbelievable, just like with Katana you’re in the middle of things. Everything sounds more organic, detailed, dynamic and smoother. Top end was relieved from its harsh and aggressive tone. If it weren’t for the discomfort from the cable itself, it would be a killer portable setup. This way it’s “only” a killer office setup… ????

Comparisons and Conclusion on the final page!


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