Review: SIMGOT EN700 BASS – Red is the new black



SET1: Mid/High Focused. Crystal clear

Focus here really is on the upper mids and highs but it’s not as if there is no more bass. Bass quantity still is good and bass sounds powerful with an impactful delivery. It isn’t the tightest or most detailed/layered bass however and it’s more impact/presence than it is quality. The mids and treble are very clear and sound lively with more forward and thinner vocals. Left/right balance and separation is very good and for the $109 price this IEM is going for it has a good level of detail and spaciousness. The mids sound fairly rich and layered, certainly for a universal IEM in this category and you don’t get an overly concentrated and intimate feeling when listening to the EN700 BASS. Its airiness and spaciousness is good (in the mids) and the EN700 BASS extends that even more to the treble region. Treble is lively and vivid and for some of you who like soft treble, the SET 1 tips might even produce a treble that’s a little strong sounding.

Even with the SET 1 tips I wouldn’t call this IEM neutrally tuned, therefor the EN700 BASS is too much focused on the upper mids and treble. For me personally, the SIMGOT EN700 BASS with the SET 1 tips was a challenge to listen to for longer periods, mostly because of the voices and treble presentation.

On the SET 2 tips, bass gets bigger and goes lower but the tightness level is about the same as with the other tips. With these tips the bass and lower mids get more focus compared to before. It makes the EN700BASS more balanced sounding and it’s a lot more easier on the ear. Because of the impactful bass and thick rich mids, this isn’t a neutral tuned monitor, but a rather fun one. On SET 2 the SIMGOT sounds relaxed and musical and it immediately has you tapping your feet to the rhythm of the music. I much prefer the mid section on the SET 2 tips and they make the voices sound so much more natural as well. Treble is easier on the ear too and all of that results in a musical, yet impactful smooth engaging presentation. It’s surely is the most comfortable to listen to for longer periods.

As a result I fully recommend using the 2nd set of tips but everyone’s tastes are different. Then again, why would you buy a BASS version of the EN700 if you’re not into bass? Right? So SET 2 it is!


The SIMGOT EN700 BASS is very easy to drive and you don’t need any special gear. I mostly listened to the SIMGOT EN700 BASS with my sources (KANN & AK70) on shuffle play so that all kinds of music pass. I have to say I especially loved watching movies with these universals hooked up to the Mojo and my laptop.

From the Chord Mojo you get good clarity and speed, all delivered in a musical package. The Mojo is simply amazing if you look at how much gear it drives in a perfect way. From my Samsung S6 it does pick up a little bit of background noise but it isn’t audible when music is playing. The Belgian entry of the 2017 Eurovision Song contest sounds so incredibly good on the S6. It’s like this combo (song streamed over TIDAL) was made just for this song which I just listened to 5 times in a row.

From the brand new Astell&Kern KANN, the SIMGOT EN700 BASS is dead silent, powerful and clear sounding. It’s not as smooth and warm sounding as with the Samsung S6 but it is the source that makes the EN700 BASS sound its best to my ears.


The SIMGOT EN700 BASS is an easy to like universal IEM, especially when you’re using SET 2 of the supplied tips. It’s more to the warmer and smoother side of neutral but it most of all is musical and addictive/engaging.

The SIMGOT EN700 BASS looks sexy, is very well built and is absolutely comfortable. It comes with a nice set of accessories of which the leather case surely will be used to carry around other IEMs with as well. For the $109USD price this IEM is going for, it doesn’t really do anything wrong. I’m not a fan of the SET 1 tips but like I said, why buy a bass version if you want to tune bass out? It doesn’t make sense. I’m sticking to SET 2, that’s for sure.


Transducer unit: N50 high magnetic composite moving-coil driver

Diaphragm: Polymer composite titanizing diaphragm

Frequency response: 15Hz-40kHz

Sensitivity: ≥101dB(at 1000Hz)


Distortion: <1%  101dB(20μpa)

Channel imbalance: <1.5dB(at 1000Hz)

Rated power: 10mW

Cable: OFC braided wire with 400D DuPont KEVLAR fibre


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    joshua begin

    How do they compare to the rha ma750i?

    • Reply June 20, 2017


      I’d rate the 750 higher overall, but the T10 is my recommendation when looking at RHA

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