Sendy Audio Peacock Review

Today we’re checking out the Sendy Audio Peacock planar magnetic headphone, which goes for $1,499USD.


Disclaimer: The Sendy Audio Peacock is sent to me by Sendy Audio. Much thanks for the opportunity. This review reflects my honest opinion as always.

About Sendy Audio

Sendy Audio is a sub-brand of Dongguan Sivga Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It is committed to making refined products and producing different high-end headphones. It was founded in 2015 and is made up of teams who worked in the audio industry earliest in China. They adhere to the use of traditional craftsmanship, coupled with the selection of high-quality natural solid wood as the material for the housing.

The color and texture of each headphone housing is unique, which adds unprecedented extraordinary charm to the product.

Sendy Audio Peacock

There are threads and reviews on Head-Fi, Reddit, Amazon, and many other sites about Sendy Audio. They became reasonably popular recently and their landmark was the Aiva, which is the first Sendy Audio product that I know of.

About Peacock

The Peacock is Sendy Audio’s flagship headphone so far. It is a planar magnetic headphone with Quad-Former technology. This design has double magnets, double sides of coils, and double coils on each side of the diaphragm. Hence, there are a total of four coils.

According to Sendy Audio;

”four coils and double magnets ensure excellent magnetic energy conversion, small distortion, good consistency, and high music reproduction ability.”

Here are the specifications:

  • Transducer Size: 88mm
  • Impedance: 50 Ohm +/- 15%
  • Sensitivity: 103dB +/- 3dB
  • Weight: 578g

Sendy Audio Peacock

Package, Design, Build

The headphone arrives in a cardboard box, which stores the brown-coloured bag which is very high quality. Inside, you have a carrying pouch, two cable adapters (4.4 to XLR and 4.4 to 6.3), and the stock cable. There’s nothing else to mention, and expectedly so. The carrying bag is made from genuine leather with bronze accessory details. A nice one.

Looks-wise, I think the Peacock is a fantastic headphone. From the genuine wood earcups, the grill, and the headband, it’s a luxurious-looking piece of equipment. No doubts about that. It’s somewhat a bit old-school, but relatively modern at the same time. There’s some resemblance with the Aiva, which shows us how Sendy Audio is going regarding product design.

The build quality is excellent as well. Sendy Audio cut no corners there, the headphone overall is fabulously well-built. There are no plastic parts as far as I can tell. The headphone either has wood or aluminium material. The yokes and the headband are all metal.

So Sendy Audio has created a headphone that can serve the user for many years to come. One thing I liked about the design is the golden ring around the grills. This detail completes the design nicely and elegantly. You might prefer more industrial or professional-looking headphones, but there’s no doubt that the design of the Peacock is authentic.

Sendy Audio Peacock


The Peacock weighs 578 grams, which is not a low number. But we all know that planar magnetic headphones are heavy so that’s not a huge surprise. For example, the Audeze LCD-X weighs 612g, and the Goldplanar GL2000 is 550g. Companies are trying to reduce these figures by using different materials, but you should know that when you get a planar headphone, it’s not going to be very light.

Even so, the Peacock has a nice weight distribution with a good headband design. Apart from that, the size adjustment mechanism is different to most headphones. Instead of sliding the earcups, you only slide the headband. And you can do that while wearing the headphone because the headband slides itself when you’re applying the force of wearing it, so that’s a nice touch.

The earpads are made from goatskin and memory foam. The shape of the earpads is very ideal and your ears comfortably sit inside them. Thanks to the design and weight distribution, the Peacock sits on your head comfortably. The headband is quite well-made in that regard, and I didn’t have comfort issues with the Peacock. Only during long listening sessions, do you start to feel the actual weight on your head, and taking a short break should help. This is the case with most planar headphones out there.

Sendy Audio Peacock


I want to mention the cable that comes in with the Peacock here. This is one of the best stock cables I’ve ever seen by far. It is an 8-core 6N OCC braided cable, and it’s built fantastically well. It looks great too and completes the headphone’s actual design nicely.

I didn’t expect this kind of cable supplied with the headphone and I congratulate Sendy Audio. Cable is a very important aspect of headphones and IEMs, and I think more companies should look into that.

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  • Reply November 7, 2021


    Would it kill you to post a photo of these bad boys on your head? For scale? Come on man. Nonetheless, nice write up.

  • Reply November 8, 2021


    Can I ask why you give it 5 out of 5 stars, if it needs improvement?

    • Reply November 8, 2021


      Sorry! Just realized the 5 stars are a reader’s rating! My mistake!

  • Reply March 29, 2022

    Steve Jones

    When you grade the sound you say it has, and I quote “since it has great PRaT, decay, and extension”. Yet in the conclusions you say it needs, Quote ” better transparency and PRaT”. You have totally contradicted yourself. You also said they sounded a bit metallic. Could it have been the solid state amplifier with which I am not familiar? I have listened to them on my Schiit Ragnarok and my tubed Mk VIII SE and found them to be excellent with not a hint of metallic sound. In fact using High Resolution .flac files and a good DAC, Pink Floyd, Diane Schuur, Rickie Lee Jones and Roger Waters have never sounded better and I am coming from Senheisser HD-650’s and Denon AH-5000’s. What’s up with that? Maybe you just needed a better source and more power?

    • Reply April 1, 2022


      I loved the bass response but the rest doesn’t have great quickness and energy.

      It’s OK you find your headphone very good. Enjoy it and put it to good use. We’re not supposed to think the same.

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