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Shozy BG

Today it’s time to take a detailed look at the Shozy BG, the company’s 5BA IEM. It actually performs exceptional for the price that it goes for. Check out the review to see how it does that.


Disclaimer: Shozy sent us the Shozy BG 5BA IEM for a full review. It doesn’t have to be returned. The MSRP for the BG right now is $ 279. 

About Shozy

Shozy is a personal audio brand from Hong Kong. They were mostly producing portable DACs/Amplifiers together with Digital Audio Players, but they recently jumped in to the IEM market as well.

I already reviewed their Hibiki and the Hibiki MK2, which are popular models in their price range. The MK2 version even made it to our Universal IEM Recommendations page. There are other new models such as the Pentacle, and the Pola which contains electrostatic technology inside. You can check out Lieven’s review of it here.

Shozy’s offerings stand out with distinctive design language, especially their audio players. They offer very good build quality with their products at the same time. They also want to change the market somehow, with very competitive price tags.

Shozy BG

About BG

The Shozy BG is a 5BA earphone with a semi-custom shape to fit your ears perfectly. The BA drivers are supplied by Knowles, which I’m sure you’ve heard of many times when it comes to IEM drivers. However the super tweeter driver was designed independently for reaching ultra high frequencies.

The BG utilizes either MMCX or 2-pin cable sockets, depending on your choice. My samples has MMCX sockets and I haven’t had any problems.


The Shozy BG arrives in a small carton box. Inside you’re welcomed with a carrying case which stores the content. Inside the case you get the IEM itself and 8 pairs of tips. You have double flanges, silicons and foams altogether.

So the package is pretty moderate and humble – you don’t even get a cleaning tool – but hats off for these several tips that Shozy supplied. The presentation and packaging can be improved in my opinion, but since this IEM has many qualities for the price, it to me is forgivable.

Shozy BG

Design and Build

The design consists of golden sparkle details with a full black color. It looks brilliant, almost like a custom IEM and the build quality is just great. This IEM is assertive in every possible way and the quality you get for the price is the biggest factor. My only complaint (looks-wise) is the color of the cable connectors. Black would’ve been better instead of silver if you ask me, for completing the color scheme.

Other than that, the metal nozzle sections and the overall smoothness of the shell showcase some real quality. It’s great to see this structural quality from an IEM which costs below $300 USD. The supplied cable is also a great bonus which we’ve started to see with many IEMs with relatively lower price tags. I also like the filters inside the nozzles, which are recessed so they won’t get dirty easily.

The nozzles are quite small so be aware when using some other tips from other brands.

Shozy BG

Shozy BG

Fit and Isolation

This is the area that the BG ticks some important boxes in. The shape of the IEM is just beautiful and thoughtful. The ergonomics here are simply a success for the Hong Kong brand, and of course for the company they collaborated for this shell; Neo.

If you choose to go with the foam tips, the isolation level is identical to a custom monitor, which is very impressive. The silicons let some amount of noise get in, but that’s not an issue most of the time when the music is playing. So for a universal monitor, I can’t bring up any negatives for the BG’s fit, comfort and isolation. Simply great.

Let’s go on with the sound. Click HERE for page 2, or use the numbers below.

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    have you ever try 64 Audio U2? Between BG and U2, how is the comparison?

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