SMSL HO200 Review


UI and Usage


As I said before, the SMSL HO200 can work both as a headphone amplifier and a pre-amplifier. Where devices such as the xDuoo TA-26 only get a line-out which works as a pass-through, this amp allows you to control the volume and can be paired with a power amplifier.

I paired the HO200 with my Cayin iDAC-6 and tried the XLR inputs and RCA inputs, and everything worked as intended. At the end of the line, I added a NuPrime STA-9 to see how well it worked as a pre-amp and, unsurprisingly, pretty well. My only advice would be to favor XLR inputs/outputs as long as you can, as there’s a clear difference in terms of sound.


Thanks to the two inputs/outputs toggle, it’s also very easy to switch between each mode. You have:

  • XLR input -> XLR output (XLR On / Pre On)
  • RCA input -> RCA output (RCA On / Pre On)
  • XLR input -> headphones output (XLR On / HPA On)
  • RCA input -> headphones output (RCA On / HPA On)

Also, whether you use XLR or RCA inputs, you can still output the signal through any port you like.

Everyday Use

As a dedicated desktop solution, the SMSL HO200 is mostly perfect.

The volume knob is smooth, even if a bit too loose, but since you won’t touch that knob inadvertently like on a portable amp, that was not an issue for me. I found the right volume every time and the three gain levels should suit any kind of headphone. 


Another really cool feature is how this headphone amplifier also works as a pre-amplifier. From a simple toggle, the HO200 can switch between the two different modes: HPA (Headphone Amplifier) or Pre (Pre-amplifier). With this mode, the HO200 can drive a power amplifier or a pair of monitor speakers, especially thanks to those XLR ports, usually found on studio speakers.

As I said previously, I tried various configurations and none give me any issue to set up. Out of curiosity, I also tried to see if you can plug three headphones at the same time (who knows) but unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

During my review, I mostly used the Cayin iDAC-6 as a source for the SMSL HO200, as I’m used to the Cayin iHA-6 + iDAC-6 combo, I already had a reference point.


Power and drive

It comes as no surprise, the SMSL HO200 is insanely powerful.

I paired it with various headphones and IEMs, ranging from the mighty Sennheiser HD800S, my faithful Audeze LCD-X, or Meze’s mighty Empyrean. None gave the amp a hard time.

If you really need more power… maybe should you check your hearings (!)

On that good word, let’s check the specs.


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  • Reply October 15, 2021


    Looking forward to a review of S.M.S.L. AO200 Amplifier and the soon to be released S.M.S.L. DO200 DAC.

    I received my new AO200 amp a few days ago and it’s very impressive. I suspect that SMSL is about to redefine the audiophile budget category.

  • Reply October 15, 2021


    Thanks for the review. I love my m500 but am seeking a balanced option thay works well with the focal clears. As a 90% electro listener… Curious of your favorite few dacs and amps or combo units or suggestions for the focals. Thanks!

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