Tripowin TP10 – Fast Review

tripowin tp10

In this review, we take a look at the Tripowin TP10, a 5BA IEM selling for $59,99 USD.


Disclaimer: the Tripowin TP10 was sent to us free of charge by Linsoul in exchange for an honest opinion. As usual, if you want to get one, reach out to your local retailer.

About Tripowin

What’s wonderful with chi-fi, is how you can discover a new brand E-V-E-R-Y week. Sure, there are the usual names, like KZ Acoustics, BGVP, Fearless, or more recently BQYEZ and AudioSense, but there are still lots of them hidden deep into Aliexpress or Taobao.

Like Tripowin, an IEM brand absolutely unknown to me before today. And, with a sole IEM and just a set of cables, I would have never found them if, luckily, stores like Linsoul weren’t there to send me samples of those invisible hit/miss.

tripowin tp10

For the pitch, here is what I found on their website:

“ Established. in 2019, TRIPOWIN is a premium design-minded Hi-Fi audio brand, steam from the passion and dedication to provide the best-in-class acoustic quality products with budget price, ergonomic design, human-centric music experience.”

 Quite a statement, but hey! Would you advertise your products as “Meh”? Nor do I

Design & Build Quality



Unless you’re absolutely new to chi-fi, it’s impossible not to see how the Tripowin TP10 come close to the KZ Acoustics models. They don’t just look alike, they ARE strictly similar :

  • same resin shell with a two-tone design – translucent shell and solid faceplate;
  • the same 3D printed “three-channel sound guide” where all the drivers are fitted,
  • same 0.75mm (2-pin) socket to plug your cables

tripowin tp10

It the Tripowin name was not printed on each faceplate, there would be no way to distinguish them from the KZ AS16. Okay, the KZ AS16 displays waveform on its faceplate but, from afar, it’d be impossible to know.

That said, the shell is pretty nice. The big screw at the bottom and the translucent inner side make for a good statement, even more, if you take account of the MRSP ( around $60). The main drawback will be the sheer size of the shell, but with the right tips, I never had any issue when I wore them. Just know that the Tripowin TP10 will hang out of you hear, by quite a large margin.

Build Quality

Honestly, those are nice IEMs.

I won’t dare to say that the Tripowin TP10 are marvels, but they are far from those cheap earbuds you’ll buy on the street. The shells are tightly locked together, the aluminum nozzle feels sturdy and, if you look up close, the inner arrangement is surprisingly tidy. 

The filter is solidly held by the shell and all the Knowles drivers are perfectly in-line, thanks to the sound guide. Last but not least, the bundled cable is also excellent. It’s a braided one, made of Oxygen-Free copper wire and it comes with a microphone! Something you won’t find any more with your IEM’s (like headphone-out on a smartphone). 

tripowin tp10

Comfort and Specifications

Daily use

The Tripowin TP10 are comfortable, to a certain degree.

Like I said before, those IEMs do not get the almighty semi-custom design that we all love and praise. No, the TP10 just offer plain, flat sides. Luckily, the long nozzle and supportive tips make up for that. 

Even on the run, no discomfort occurred and I never had the feeling that I should remove those ears, for comfort reasons. Of course, if I were to choose between ears like the FiiO FH3 or the Audiosense DT200, I’d gladly switch from the Tripowin. 

Extra point for isolation. The TP10 are great noise blockers and, if you were to be one of the few who can/have to use public transportation during those troubled times, you’d be pleasantly surprised by those ears in this aspect.

tripowin tp10


At the heart of the ears, you’ll find five Knowles drivers, tuned with a three-way crossover: 

  • for the lows: a Knowles 22955, advertised for more powerful and flexible than ordinary drivers. Deep in bass offering good atmosphere while listening.
  • the mids: a dual-bodied Knowles 29689 with rich vocal details, instrument analysis and restore
  • highs: a dual-bodied Knowles 30095 that offer ultra-high frequency, while displaying natural and clear sound

All this little world is homed into the “digitally molded acoustic conductor”, a fancy way to name the sound guides. But, like KZ, it remains deeply impressive to see how far we’ve come. Not long ago, every multi-BA IEM were hand-made models, specially designed to fit musicians or engineers.

tripowin tp10

Full specs

  • Type: IEM
  • Drivers: 5 Balanced Armature drivers with a 3-way crossover
  • Sensitivity: 98dB
  • Impedance: 15ohm
  • Drivers models: 1xKnowles 22955 – 1x Knowles 29686 – 1x Knowles 30095
  • Socket: 2 Pins (0.75mm)
  • Weight: 31g
  • Frequency range: 20 – 40 000Hz
  • Price: $59

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  • Reply November 1, 2020

    Roger Dodger

    The AS16 has eight drivers per side, so I don’t think you can say they’re exactly the same. Not that it matters, it’s pretty mediocre too.

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