Watch it Wednesday: Flare Audio Flares Jet 1 &2

Disclaimer: The Flares Jet 1 & 2 are the latest universal IEMs from Flares Audio. Both Flares Jet 1 & 2  will be reviewed soon on Headfonia!


Everyone of course knows Flare Audio from the great sounding  Flares Pro, which Nathan holds really high.

The Flares Jet 1 & 2 are new universal IEMs and Flares has the following to say about them

FLARES® JET comes in two models. JET 1 is our standard model and JET 2 goes one step further being machined out of aerospace aluminium. Both are designed with our JET technology and come with a mic/controller for when you’re on the go. Flares® JET earphones contain a new revolutionary patent-pending technology that uses jets to control and focus sound directly into your ears. The result is the deepest bass and vastly increased levels of detail revealing subtleties that you’ve never heard before.

Watch it Wednesday – Episode 14


thank you for watching! We’ll be back next week with another video. What about? No idea yet, but it will yet again be exciting 😉


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