Buyer's Guide - Headfonia Headphone Reviews

  • Bulmanxxi


    Have you listed to the Rolls/Bellari HA540?  It is the same price as the Asgard but all tube Class A amp that can drive headphones from 16-2000Ohms!

    • Need to give it a try, but the standard Rolls amplifier is not very high quality.

  • The burson didn’t make the list? I’m surprised, you seem to really like it. Just wondering, I was thinking of picking up the DS model for my rig. I have a feeling it will pair well with my Ultrasone PRO2900, which you should review some time. 🙂

    • Kevin, yea the list is in no way final and I really should consider the Burson to be put in the list.

  • Chris

    Would the Musiland 02 US be better than the HRT Streamer II or HRT Streamer II all the way?

    • HRT MS2 all the way.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Mike,

    I was wondering if you could help me with a recommendation? 

    I’ve just changed jobs and regret that I’ll be spending much of my time on public transport; I am looking for some ultra-portables with enough isolation to avoid upsetting fellow passengers.

    If it’s any help, I have a basic (iPod -> Fiio L3 -> JDS Labs cMoyBB) setup and listen to most kinds of music, including Acid Jazz, Soul, Indie Electro and DnB.



    • Hi Thomas,
      I think the most isolating ultra portable headphone is the Marshall Major. And from there the HD25-1 and the Beyerdynamic DT1350.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Mike,

        Thanks for your recommendation.

        I absolutely love the HD25-1, but I think it’s a bit too big for me to commute with.

        I will have a look at the other recommendations to see how they stack up from a size perspective.



        • Thomas,
          The DT1350 should be much smaller in size. 🙂

  • RCWillis9

    Hello Mike,

    Any thoughts on the Little Dot MK III?


    • Bob,
      I’ve listened to the Mk4 and it was a good amplifier. I have no experience with the Mk3 though.


      • Den

        Hey Mike,

        Could you share your thoughts on the Mk4? 



        • Chris

          Sorry, meant Chris.  LOL  Don’t know where Den came from.

        • Den,
          The Mk4 was smooth sounding, a little mellow/slow paced, spacious soundstage, good mids, smooth treble, typical tube amp bass (mostly in the upper bass, not much lows).

  • Miguel

    Hello Mike!
    I just received my Sennheiser HD650. What do you think about using my pc laptop with Woo Audio WA6 and SennheiserHD650?

    • Hi Miguel,
      Yes just add in a good DAC in between like the HRT MS2/MS2+ or DACport LX.

  • LQ

    hi mike, i read ur review on dt1350 and what i get that the dt1350 is a  better in spec techs, but why you dont put it one the recommendation list?

    • Not easy to get on the Recommendations list 😉

      What I do is I wait to get some feedbacks from friends who own the product and see if they are happy with the purchase, because tech specs are meaningless if people don’t enjoy it. I want to make sure that the Recommendations list contain products that are truly enjoyable to own and listen to.

  • Bak

    hi mike, any experience with the AKG K 430?  my px100s just died, so i’m considering between these and the px-200 ii’s…. i listen to mostly hip hop but also alot of asian pop, acoustic, ballads…

  • Lorenzo Guerrini

    help me
    which amp and dac for hd-600?Burson ha-160 + V-DACII or Burson ha-160DS or other?I love the dynamic sound and soft

    • Hi Lorenzo,
      Can you explain more? Dynamic sound and soft? What music, what bands?

  • Great site!
    Im about to buy the P5 from Bowers and Wilkins for my IPhone 4S. Love their sound, goes perfectly with my music taste and spoken word.
    But I am really unsure Of what amp to go for? Any thoughts?

    • Barbara,
      I would go direct with the P5. It runs very well just straight out of the Iphone.

  • Georgelai57

    Hi. I’m no headphone-phile though I do have the Audio Technica ATH M50, Grado SR60i, Klipsch Image One and IEMs like Senns S4i. The problem is I just can’t get used to IEMs despite oval tips like the S4i. I know earbuds that sit outside like Apple’s stock ones aren’t great sound-wise but can you recommend some good ones? No headband type or neckband type. Ideally like Apple’s stock, with iPhone mic preferably, and of course great sound. Great website too!

  • Little Blue

    Hi Mike, I need some help on what to get my audiophile boyfriend for his birthday.  He has Sennheiser HD598s, a Denon AVR 2807, a turntable, and B&W speakers.  He just listens to music (rap, rock, indie music, etc)  at his desktop at home mostly.  Any ideas for me to wow him??

    • Hi Amy,
      You can get him a new headphone, something easy to enjoy like the Sennheiser HD25-1.
      Or you can get him a cool desktop amplifier for headphones like the Schiit Asgard. For $250 I think he’ll be surprised that his girlfriend somehow manages to dig up this cool amplifier to use with his Sennheiser headphone.
      Please check the Amplifier Recommendations section for the Schiit Asgard, or Headphones Recommendations for the HD25-1.

      • Little Blue

        He could use an amp even though he already has a reciever? Doesn’t that already have an amp in it? Or am I dumb…

        • The receiver does have an amp, for the speakers, not one dedicated to a headphone. I’m sure he’ll love the Asgard or some nice new headphones. I would 🙂

          • Little Blue

            What would be a comparable amp…but not as much lol.  like max $150

        • Yes you are right Amy. So it’s entirely up to you, a new headphone would be cool too, but I think a separate dedicated amp would be good and the Asgard should be better than the headphone amp in the receiver.

      • Little Blue

        What about the NuForce uDAC2?

  • Hi Mike, I have 400€ (about $500) available for an amp/dac

  • Hi Mike, I have 400€ (about $500) available for an amp/dac upgrade, and I though about getting Schiit Asgard paired with Fiio Alpen so I could have dac and amp for both office and portable setup.
    I’m wondering if there’s a better alternative like a dedicated dac + portable amp + Asgard that could fit within my budget, but I’m kind of lost with all these portable devices available! I currently own E7+E9 and would like to move on to step 2.

    Note that I’m not holding tight on the Asgard, but you seem to praise it quite a lot, and the price look very fair.