Apple AirPods Pro 2 Review

Apple Airpods Pro 2

Sound performance

For this review, I mostly used my iPhone as a source. This IEM is made for traveling and commuting, so it doesn’t really make sense to connect a high-end DAP to them, or a domestic source.

Plus, the AirPods Pro 2 doesn’t support LDAC, aptX-HD, or even basic apt-X: it only supports AAC and SBC as a fall-back.

Overall signature

Remember when I said that the AirPods Pro were not audiophile-grade? Looks like the second version is now! 

Okay, sound doesn’t feel exactly natural due to all of the various computations at work, but you’d have to be in bad faith not to say that those new AirPods Pro 2 simply sound… exquisite. They are not prosumer good, they are now audiophile good, which makes a big difference.

Paired with the H2 chip, the new driver is a real surprise in every way and the result is a TWS that should satisfy 90% of listeners. The sound signature didn’t deviate much from the previous AirPods but still tops off the previous model.


More balanced, and more detailed, the new sound signature is “a one more thing” at every level, fixing almost all of the first gen caveats. The bass is phenomenal, sometimes a bit too prominent to be honest, the highs are crisp and the voices enjoy all the benefits of the new “Atmos” system. A gimmick usually, enhanced to Audeze Mobius level here, pushing the boundaries far and above what I usually get with my TWS.

To be fair, the AirPods are still tuned to flatter your ears, pushing the lower frequencies upfront and giving the voices this airy, but exaggerated sensation of spaciousness. Thankfully, now that accuracy was enhanced the uncanny sensation that before occurred when listening to jazz or rock music, where everything sounded too artificial, is now completely gone. 

And, if the AirPods Pro 1st gen took some time to grow on me, the new model immediately catches up. Thanks to the marvelous noise-cancelling I was surprised to hear details, that I could find on much higher-end gear, in difficult environments such as the train or crowded spaces – even at very low volumes.

Transients are fast, dynamic range is great, ADSR is excellent, and even compared to the mighty Sennheiser the AirPods really shine here, all thanks to its powerful CPU. I couldn’t feel a difference switching from transparency mode to noise-cancelling, and even hard-hitting electro tracks from F-Rontal were played with ease.

apple-airpods-pro-review-headfonia (13)

That said, if you want the best experience, you’ll have to get an iPhone (6s or later) and Apple Music. Why? Because, once more, if you use the full Apple system, you’ll definitely feel a performance upgrade, especially with Dolby Atmos tracks. I compared Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, Amazon Music, and Apple’s own solution, and 4 times out of 5, Apple Music sounded best on the AirPods. Another Apple software mystery.

All-in-all, the AirPods Pro 2 isn’t the best-sounding IEM I have heard, but it’s the best TWS I had the chance to listen to this year. And if I could point out some competitors before, this time, they are the ones to beat (by Dre) It’s not a high-end IEM level either, but if your budget only extends to this level, I’ll 100% of the time advise you to get an AirPods Pro2…


Highs: crisp computation. The AirPods Pro 2 is never aggressive and pushes sharp highs, all the time. It’s super clean, with quick transients and phenomenal pan effects with the right recordings, outperforming the previous generation by leaps and bounds.

Good test-track: Strobe Lights (feat. Kilian & Jo) – Henry Green remix

Mediums: spacious with clean vocals. Clearly, the Apple AirPods are showing off in this area. The DSP always tries to put the voices upfront, like the bass. There’s no real bump but, the more you listen to them, the more you’ll discern those slight magnifications. It’s still a bit too forced, but that’s what make the AirPods so addictive..

Good test-track Way Down we go – Kaleo

Lows: badaboom. Even with noise-cancelling, or sound transparency turned on, you’ll get powerful, deep, clean bass. These earphones can handle electro tracks like champs and even tackle the like of FiiO FD7 with their ultra-wide drivers. The SOC is doing miracles here and I’m sure that you’ll be surprised by how powerful, and delightful, the bass can get.

Good test-Track: To the Moon and Back – Boris Brejcha


Sensitivity / Hiss

The AirPods Pro aren’t hard to drive: the amplifier and DSD are directly built-in, so all you have to do is connect your source, and click play. There is no hiss whatsoever, whether you use “transparency mode”, “noise-cancelling” or even “pure” mode.

Volume can reach high volumes even though it’s a TWS, so you should stay just below your comfort zone, to train your ears. The AirPods Pro 2 always monitors the sound level outside AND inside, so it should never be harmful, but stay aware.


This will be quick: go iPhone or go home.

The intricate relationship between the AirPods Pro and iOS is so deep that you will feel sorry just looking at the box with an Android phone. Sure, if you want to connect your iBasso DX320 with Bluetooth that’s possible, but you won’t be able to activate the noise-cancelling or see how much battery is left.

If you have an iPhone/iPad, you’ll never have to do any special pairing once you’ve connected them to one of your devices. You can switch from one device to the other, in no time.

Also, these earphones only support AAC. No apt-X or LDAC so don’t expect any Hi-Res Wireless Audio support.



The Apple AirPods Pro 2 is the best TWS  the brand has to offer, and the best TWS you could get at the moment – especially if you’re an Apple user.

Sound is great, noise-cancelling is world-class, software integration is perfect and the simple fact that Apple keeps improving its earphones through wireless updates, makes them worth every penny you’re gonna put on them.

Yes, their design is “meh” at best. But, once you wear them, all of those considerations fly away. Sure, the white glossy plastic finish is deceiving. Yet, that’s what makes them fit swiftly into the charging box.

Once again, Apple did what they do best, take one of their product and improve some of the previous flaws, with millions of dollars paid for engineers’ brains.

If you want to hate these earphones or the brand, feel free to do so, but at the moment, this is one of the best options you can possibly get in the sub €300 range, matching or even surpassing most DAP+IEM combo, with one of the best user-focused experiences. Period.

And if I didn’t give the 1st gen my recommendation award, this time, I can confidently label the AirPods Pro 2 as my top pick in this category. Hurray!


4.4/5 - (80 votes)

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  • Reply January 2, 2023

    Lord Sinister

    Happy New Year!
    NanoTechnos, I have the Noble Fokus Pro and wonder how does the AirPod Pro 2 compare in the lows, mids and highs?

    Many thanks!

  • Reply April 5, 2023


    Great review! Could you elaborate with what you mean with: “you should stay just below your comfort zone, to train your ears”.

    Thanks! Evoc

  • Reply January 21, 2024

    Laferte Jean Francois

    Just got mine yesterday and had the chance to test them in store and at home with the titles you suggested and my two fave tracks,So what by Miles Davis and Lonely woman by Pat Metheny and boy boy boy was I stunned with the sound quality..I am not in graphs and hz and electric terms:I just rely on my ears and they are just perfect for my listening.For hi-res I will stick to my Sennheiser HD 560s coupled with my FIIO Q1 Mark II dac.But for a BT IE I am just flabbergasted..

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