First Look Sunday – AudioSense DT200

Audiosense DT200

Today we take a look at the AudioSense DT200. It’s a universal IEM, with two BA drivers, available for $149 on HifiGo, who kindly sent us a review sample.




This is part of our Picture Sunday series, where we take a quick look at some products in the review cycle. You can find all previous Picture Sunday posts here.

As this might be the first introduction tothe brand, on Headfonia, here is a quick presentation.

AudioSense is a Chinese maker of 3D-Printed IEMs and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about when, and who founded the brand. Still, they achieved to produce a good range of IEMs, for a very affordable price. The T800, for example, is an 8 BA driver IEM, sold for less than 300 bucks, a price somehow similar to Fearless and BGVP, my reference chi-fi brands.

But today, we are taking a fresh look at their DT200, sitting right in the middle of their catalog.

AudioSense DT200 – The design

A few years ago, acrylic-made IEMs were mostly inaccessible due to their high price.

CIEM makers were the only ones to provide a custom-shaped shell, as those required customers to send their own earprints. But, today, thanks to cost-effective solutions like 3D-printers, more and more makers offer semi-custom IEMs, at a very affordable price.

And so, the AudioSense DT200 appears to be a very good example of this trend. Each shell is 3D-printed with a skin-friendly resin. A fancy name to say that’s not exactly acrylic, but better. The ears adopt a semi-custom design, which covers the whole outer-ear yet doesn’t require a customer earprint. Best of both worlds, on paper.

The shell itself is translucent, so you can get a better look at the inners of the DT200. And, for good measure, AudioSense also printed a carbon fiber faceplate, with the DT200 logo, emblazoned on it.

Build quality is pretty good, and in the hand, the IEMs give a good impression, with a distinctive touch and reassuring weight. The metallic nozzle, instead of a basic resin printed one, is also a nice move from AudioSense, as that allows the tips to fit much more securely and comfortably.

AudioSense DT200 – A quick view

Nowadays, it’s becoming common to see sub-$200 IEMs with more than 4 BA drivers. But, the more, doesn’t always mean the merrier

So even if I was a bit underwhelmed first, when I found out that the AudioSense DT200 only has 2 BA drivers, I tried to get rid of my old misconceptions. I heard very good 2 drivers IEMs previously, like the Fearless Audio Crystal PearlCrystal Pearl, so that leaves more chances for a surprise.

Both drivers are provided by Knowles, with one driver covering the high-frequencies, and the other taking care of mids-low frequencies. Impedance is low (14 ohms) but sensitivity is also very low for an IEM (99dB), so much I had to double-check with a DAP.

The provided cable is absolutely superb, even more for the advertised price. It’s an 8-Core OFC one with 19 strands, tightly braided, with an L-Shaped 3.5mm plug. Moreover, the brown color greatly completes the Grey-smoked shell, and out of the box, it’s one of the best looking IEMs I’ve had recently.

Last but not least, a quick word regarding the bundle. It’s not the most complete bundle I’ve seen, but the case provided is just superb. It’s the same pelican-like case usually found on higher-end IEM, so you can fit your DT-200 and a small DAC like the Hi-mDAC to enjoy audiophile sound almost everywhere.

Let’s talk about the sound now.

AudioSense DT200 – First impressions

Obviously, with just two drivers and a small price-tag, I didn’t have high expectations regarding the DT200.

Fortunately, AudioSense proved me wrong and I was pleasantly surprised by those ears. Paired with the Shanling M6, the IEM delivered tight bass, clean mids, and pretty decent highs. Honestly, if I didn’t have the price in mind, I’d gladly put those ears against higher-tier IEM such as Earsonics ones.

As I said, paired with a small USB-DAC, this is a terrific combo in my opinion. At least, much better than I’d have ever expected. So, if you can, wait for the full review. For the others, I’d say that the AudioSense DT200 may be one of the best contender for my 2020, entry-level IEM recommendation list. Wait and see.

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