AudioSense DT200 Review

AudioSense DT200

Sound performance



My main sources were: FiiO M15 / Shanling M6 Pro / NuPrime Hi-mDAC. Trusted sources from trusted brands that I used extensively for the past months.

As usual, files were played from either Qobuz / Spotify or my own music library. I highlighted some tracks, just so you can try them home too!

Overall Signature

“Impressive! And you say there are only two drivers ?”

Let’s end the suspense here – if they was any – the AudioSense DT200 are really good in-ears. Bass is full, engaging and you’d be surprised to see how deep those IEM can go, even with a small DAC like the Hi-mDAC, or the FiiO M3 Pro. Obviously, with only 2 BA drivers, I expected the lows to be the weak point of the DT200, but I was wrong. Very wrong.

Of course, it’s not as powerful as the TinHifi T4 for example, or as immersive as the BGVP DMS, who’s enjoying a massive DD just for the lows. But, balanced drivers offers a level of definition and preciseness that you cannot reach with dynamic drivers, for the moment. That’s especially true for transients, which are lightning-fast whatever the source I chose. 

AudioSense DT200

Resolution and clarity are on-par with higher tier IEM and, I truly believe that the solid lows are the foundation of those great results. The soundstage is wide and most people will enjoy the good layering, even if on this aspect, more-equipped IEM like the DM6 or DM7 tends to be better.

That said, if your main focus is realism and accuracy – on a moderate budget – the DT200 kills it. It delivers crisp details and small notes without overloading your ears, as would do the Etymotic ER4P, although you get some thick lows this time. The richness in the upper-range blends perfectly into the bass and that extra glow makes the in-ear vibrant and lively, killing off that little dryness, usually found on this type of ear.

On the long run

There is no sibilant and, even if sometimes highs can be a bit vibrant, I never found any harshness in the sound. On Nairobi from Rodriguez Jr., every layer of sound was perfectly distinct never overtaking the other. Of course, this is much more palpable on a DAP like the FiiO M15, where the dual AK4499EQ which create an astounding sound stage, giving me the opportunity to fully enjoy every pan, echo or delay effect.

But, what’s definitely convinced me of those ears prowess, was Sunday Afternoon from Alain Clark. Once Clark began to sing, the AudiosSense DT200 played all-in: good impact, natural voices, powerful bass that never take over the rest of the spectrum, and excellent clarity from top to bottom. 

Audiosense DT200

Audiosense DT200

Of course, it lacks the level of finesse you’d get with great multi-BA drivers, like the Fearless S8F. The latter giving you even more details, especially at low volume, but I am pretty sure the DT800 from AudioSense could give those IEMs a run for their money.

And, the cherry on top is that pitch-black background, giving excellent contrast between the deep, organic bass and the mellow voices on the front ground. Perfect for jazzy singers like Emilie-Claire Barlow or Electronica lovers like me. 

So yeah, all of that to say the AudioSense DT200 is a really, really, good IEM. Period.


Highs: perfectly balanced. Never harsh, never boring, the AudioSense DT200 gives very good results here. It sounds natural, ASDR is great and if you can plug a good source like the Shanling M6 or a FiiO M11 Pro, you will be fully immersed in your music. 

Good test-track: Nutmeg – Infected Mushroom

Mediums: mellow and rich. Excellent sound stage and clean mids make for excellent voice rendering. Lush, warm jazzy diva immediately immerse you into their world, and once you’re taken, it’s hard to leave.

Good test-track: La belle dame sans regret – Emilie-Claire Barlow

Bass: deep, fast, powerful. Easily the forte of the DT200, the lows are the pillar of all the great things that happens upfront. It doesn’t go as low as DD drivers, but it’s undeniably sharper, and that’s more important to my ears.

Good test-track: Wicked Games – Ramin Djawadi (from Westworld)

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