Shure SRH-840: Out of the Box

Finally comes the long awaited headphone from Shure. Along with the SRH-840, Shure also introduced two lower end models, the SRH-440, and the SRH-240,…

Sennheiser HD25-1 Balanced

Seeing how the HD650 was transformed by the Balanced Beta22, just for kicks I plugged the HD25-1 to the Beta22 using the same balanced…

Headphone Replicas

Replicas have invaded virtually all industries, from designer handbags to luxury watches, and now, to headphones as well.

Sennheiser HD 25-1

Sennheiser’s HD25-1 is perhaps a one of a kind headphone, with no other manufacturer offering anything similar to what the HD25-1 has.

Grado HF2

The HF2 has a very smooth and liquid sound. It’s like listening to a smooth vacuum tube amp (although we were using a solid-state Beta22 amplifier). Although the MS-Pro has a smooth sound, the HF2 is even smoother. No other Grado sounds like it; not the HP1000, not the RS1, and definitely not the GS1000.