ddHiFi TC44Pro E2 Review


In this review, we take a look at the ddHiFi TC44Pro E2, the new version of the brand’s compact 4.4mm DAC/AMP, priced at just $99.


Disclaimer: the TC44Pro E2 was sent to us free of charge by the brand. You can find it on ddHiFi’s Aliexpress shop, or at your local retailer.

About ddHiFi

Founded in 2017, by Demond Ding, a former member of FiiO and Oppo, ddHiFi has become more and more popular over time, thanks to their extensive range of devices such as :  cables, adapter, travel cases and, more importantly, dongle-sized DAC.  So much so that today the brand can take pride in being supported by a community as solid as it is enthusiastic – and for good reason!

The company goal? 

“To use concise and brief design language to make user-friendly accessory products, abandon any decorative design that is irrelevant to practical usage and pay more attention to product material and craftsmanship details with cost-controlled”


Or in simple terms: good products, at the right price – chi-fi if you were to shorten it even more. And, so far, ddHiFi succeeded in its task, delivering months after months, delightfully geeky stuff like the TC35Pro Eye2/Mountain 2 – a super-small USB DAC – or adapters like the TC28i / TC28i Pro – a life-saver for iOS users like me who hasn’t switched for the new iPhone 15 – and even high-end cables, able to compete with the likes of AudioQuest, or Effect Audio, but at much more affordable asking price.

Lovely products that I use almost daily – especially the TC28Pro nowadays, for my video needs – and so when the brand offered us a chance to try the new iteration of their TC44Pro series – one of the best dongle DAC available yet –  I jumped right in.

The ddHiFi series

Like many Chi-Fi brands, ddHiFi can be quite prolific, which is both a blessing, and a curse. Fortunately, the catalogue is easily understandable, thanks to clear lettering… most of the time!

  • TCx: here you have all the digital adapters, for iPhone/Android or PC/MAC. 
  • DJx: then come the analogue adapters, to bridge your DAP and your headphone/IEM for example
  • BCx: this is where you’ll find the IEM cables, like the Forest, Nyx or Sky
  • EAx: want some IEM/Earphones? Here they are
  • Cxx: last but not least, C is for… the cases. 

ddHiFi TC35i/B

Designed as replacements for the notoriously bad headphone adapters embedded with smartphones, the ddHiFi TC35i (and USB-C  version, the TC35B) offers various improvements compared to them. Full aluminum body ensuring enhanced sturdiness and parasite protections, higher-grade DAC and SoC, all topped with real high-resolution file decoding.

ddhifi tc35i tc35b headfonia


Sure, it won’t beat a real USB DAC, but on the go, and for someone that doesn’t need more than a good DAC – with microphone support – the TC35i/B shall be the right solutions:

“Sound quality is good, build quality outstanding and the minimal conception make them the perfect companion on the go.

It won’t replace your Dragonfly, Eagle or Hi-mDAC, if you’re seeking true audiophile experience on the go. But, if like me you’re searching for a device to leave permanently in your bag, so you can up your game without being cumbersome, ddHiFi’s solutions are a good way to go. Even more, if you can get both, to cover all your devices.”

Full review here:

ddHiFi TC35Pro Mountain2/Eye2

Branded as ddHiFi’s mid-range DAC, the TC35PRO is, as announced in the name, an enhanced version of the TC35. Packed with a Cirrus-logic CS43131 DAC and an ESS ES9603Q amplifier chip, this model offers a substantial increase of power and refinement over its “non-pro” counterpart, but comes a little bulkier due to the various circuit improvements. 


Sonically, it’s one of my favorite devices in the sub-$100 range. Not the best in terms of technicality, but one of the most versatile, allowing me to connect either one of my easy-to-drive IEM – without any hiss – or more eager cans like my Meze 109 Pro. Bonus point, it comes in two different format. Here’s a quick excerpt of the review:

All in all, the ddHiFi TC35Pro models are a stellar addition to the brand’s catalog, fitting nicely below the TC44 series but above the “tiny” TC35C/i, pushing dongle-mania even further. The build quality is flawless, performances are head and shoulders above the stock DAC of my phone, and it even tickles the fancy of much larger models […] Once again, the perfect on-the-go dongle for anyone in search of a real improvement in a pocket-sized device that won’t break the bank.

Full review here:

ddHiFi TC44A

Probably the best addition to the TCxx series, the ddHiFi TC44A is a full-featured DAC/AMP, retaining almost the same smartphone’s dongle size, seen on the TC35C and TC35i/TC35B. I said almost, because up close, you’ll immediately notice the bigger output – a 4.4mm pentaconn – protruding almost 2mm.

Inside, the brand put a Cirrus-Logic chip (CS43131) ensuring better performances with full 32bit/384kHz PCM decoding and Native 256 DSD support. Output power was doubled (up to 60mW @32ohm) but keep in mind that even if the TC44C gets a 4.4mm output, you only get a single-ended connection…


Still a lovely device, as I stated in my review:

“Where things get interesting is with the ddHiFi TC44A, a great little DAC, capable of great lengths once paired with a good IEM. Sound quality is surprisingly good, build quality is top-notch – as usual – and the conception design makes it the perfect companion for your smartphone – whether you got an iOS or Android device.”

Full review here :

ddHiFi TC44Pro E2 – Eye2

If the TC44A isn’t powerful enough for you, but still need something thumb-sized, the ddHiFi TC44Pro E2 should be the right option. Like the previous TC44Pro, it comes with a dual set of Cirrus-Logic CS43131, for better performance and a dual-mono setup, but with a complete redesign and various improvements. 


A real upgrade? That’s what we’ll find out today.

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