Effect Audio Grandioso Review

Effect Audio Grandioso

The Effect Audio Grandioso is a hybrid upgrade cable which belongs to the new Vogue Series of Effect Audio. It’s is priced as $199 USD.




Disclaimer: I’ve received the Effect Audio Grandioso as a review sample free of charge. The cable costs $199 at the present moment.  I tested the cable with the PEARS SH-3 and M-Fidelity SA50 CIEMs. 

This review has similarities to the Eros II review I published in 2018, since a lot of things are similar to the newer Grandioso.

About Effect Audio

Effect Audio is one of the most recognizable cable companies in the market which is based in Singapore. One of the features of Effect Audio is their collaboration efforts with companies such as Empire Ears, Jomo Audio, and Vision Ears, which are very good brands in their own right. With their relations to the other well-known companies, and with their products’ performance as a whole, EA obviously is a reliable manufacturer in terms of aftermarket cables.

I also need to say that whenever a fellow audiophile asks me about which cable they should get, the first brand that comes to my mind is Effect Audio and I personally recommend their cables most of the time.

Effect Audio Grandioso

There are a lot of different options in their product range. There’s a Premium Series and a Heritage Series which contains 7 different cables to choose from. There’s also a bespoke option which is a specialized order for your needs, including 8-wire versions.

However the most impressive cables from Effect Audio belong to their Hall of Fame. These contain fantastic craftsmanship and sound. They’re so good that you could start asking yourself how cables create this much effect. I was particularly blown away by the sound of the Horus cable myself, and I’m not sure if I’ve ever listened to a better one.

Their latest flagship, the Code 51 is also very impressive and simply a statement to the market. You can check its own review below.

Effect Audio Grandioso

About Grandioso

The Grandioso is an update to the already very successful Eros II, which I reviewed late 2018.

This new Vogue Series have some upgrades to the previous generation. The Grandioso has selected 26 AWG UPOCC materials (possibly Copper & Silver), just like the Eros II. However they’ve bettered the cable geometry with a new “Triple-Size Stranded Design”. This is an upgraded version of the previous “Multi-Sided Design”. It improves the micro detail performance and harmonics, EA claims.

EA also utilized the “Woven Kevlar-Infused Multi-Stranded Litz”. This new Kevlar enhanced structure improves the flexibility of the cable, making it more suitable for daily use. This also makes the cable more durable for long-term usage.

My sample is terminated with 2-pin connectors and a 2.5mm balanced plug. You can always have different plugs including the 4.4mm ones, and different connector types. Whichever IEM you have, there’s certainly a solution for you.

Build Quality & Ergonomics

Effect Audio once again impressed me with their craftsmanship for the Grandioso. The cable feels perfectly built with great tight braiding from top to bottom. The braiding is even tighter with the new series, which is obvious when compared side by side with the Eros II. There hasn’t been any deformation with its braid or overall build either. I expected nothing less in the first place, but the braiding in particular is so good.

Effect Audio Grandioso

However on the flip-side, EA chose to minimize some parts of the cable. This might feel cheaper for some people who are very much used to the previous generation. The straight jack for example is much smaller. If we talk about the feel, the previous generation jack feels a bit more premium. This is simply a trade-off for better ergonomics. I actually liked it since it makes your portable system a bit more compact. But again, if you’re used to the previous generation, this might feel somewhat off to you.

Same as the jack, the y-split is also smaller and more compact. However it looks and feels very premium regardless of its size. This makes the cable lighter and more agile. A nice improvement indeed. The 2-pin connectors are also replaced with new, sleeker and a bit smaller connectors. This is my favorite part of the new cable since they’re even more stylish.

Effect Audio Grandioso

The standing out feature of the Effect Audio cables is always the overall flexibility. This area is also improved with the new geometry. The cable works nicely for an active listening experience. It’s even softer and smoother, durable to twists and bends but quite elastic at the same time. It’s also very light as a whole, and the memory wire part is not very stiff which is another thing that I like with the EA cables.

So I think EA has done everything to make these new cables more stylish, flexible and comfortable overall. The only thing I didn’t quite like in terms of premium feel is the jack. Yet it works very good for overall ergonomics. It’s like the new series is on a diet and they got slimmer and fitter over time. Wonderful job.

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  • Reply March 13, 2020


    Nice review. These cables certainly caught my attention after reading your review. Would you say they will be improvement to the stock cables of Final A8000?

    • Reply March 20, 2020


      I’m sure you’ll hear better technicalities.

  • Reply March 13, 2020


    Had you had any experience with the symphonym tiburon cable? And how does they compare?


    • Reply March 20, 2020


      No I’ve never tried that cable, sorry.

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