FiiO M3 Pro Review

Fiio M3 Pro

Disclaimer: FiiO sent us the $89 USD Fiio M3 Pro for the purpose of this review free of charge. In exchange, we’re going to give our honest opinion, as always.




Another day, another FiiO! Today, we review the latest player from the brand, the FiiO M3 Pro the cheapest option from the brand and the first ladder to access FiiO’s DAP world.

About FiiO

From its creation in 2007, FiiO has been pushing further and away to become one of the top players. And you know what? After more than 10 years of hard work, I think they achieved their goal as the once unknown brand is now on every mouth and ear.

We’ve reviewed almost all of their products, from the bottom (FiiO M5) to the apex (FiiO M15). Yet, today, we are testing another entry-level player, even more, accessible than the M5 or the M6: the M3 Pro. Sold just under $89 or €89, is it enough for the newcomers?

The FiiO Series

FiiO M3 Pro

The FiiO M3 Pro is the third generation of the brand entry-level player. If the Fiio M6 and M5 were genuine new models, the M3 Pro had two previous iterations to become the actual model we are about to review.

FiiO M5

The FiiO M5 is the baby player of the bunch. If you thought the Fiio M6 was small, this M5 is there to prove you wrong.

We reviewed a few weeks ago : “It’s a little swiss-knife, if not as potent as the FiiO M6, but it’s still much better than your smartphone output. Combined with my iPhone in Bluetooth, it gave me a pleasurable experience and the opportunity to answers my phone calls, without the hassle of switching back and forth from the DAP, to the phone.”

FiiO M6

The FiiO M6 is, in my opinion, the best option available in this price range. It’s small, powerful enough to drive most portable headphones, has a WiFi + Bluetooth connection and it costs less than a cheap smartphone.

To auto quote: ” Let’s cut to the chase: for 150€, the FiiO M6 is a no-brainer. It blends good performance – neat design – great battery life – extensive capability and it can even be connected to another DAC through USB.”

If you can afford the FiiO M6, just get this one instead of the FiiO M5 : Headfonia advice.

FiiO M7

The FiiO M7 introduced the new M series. It is one of the classiest players available in my opinion. It’s basically an Astell&Kern AK120ii but cheaper and lighter. Lieven made a comprehensive review of this player and said :

“Even though the Fiio M7 isn’t the typical audiophile DAP, I have really enjoyed using it to get to work and back home. Yes, it’s a “back to basics” device but it comes with an FM Radio, looks great and most important of all, it sounds more than just good. I’m pretty sure normal consumers will be blown away with its performance, both in usability as well as with its sound.”

If it’s cheaper than the M9, it’s more expensive than the M6 without the benefits. There is no wifi connection, no streaming support and the only plus is the FM Radio embedded (and design). So yeah, it’s an odd player.

FiiO M9

The FiiO M9 shares the same SOC with the M7 and M6, but gains a dual DAC for better sound performances. Like the M6, you get an access to most streaming apps (Qobuz, Deezer, Tidal, Spotify), as long as FiiO white-listed your app (Tune-in doesn’t work for example). Still, for less than 300€/$, it’s still a solid choice thanks to the dual AK4490EN chips and versatile connectivity.

What did I say in the review? “Access to third party-apps and Bluetooth duplex alone, make it a top choice for me. For 299€, it’s simply the most versatile audiophile player you could get at the moment. The perfect blend of audiophile prowess, compact design, and Swiss-knife capabilities. Get this and a Q5, you’ll be fully equipped for years.”

And, now that FiiO removed the whitelist app limitation, you can try to install even more audio app. Like Roon, Plex or Tune-In. Spoiler alert, the last one doesn’t work.

FiiO M11

The FiiO M11 is, for now at least, my favorite DAP from this generation. It has got a dual-SD slot, two AK4493EN chips, a super widescreen with a full-android experience and all-in-all, it’s one of the best bangs for a buck player of the market, with the Shanling M6.

A quote : “With its latest player, FiiO is pushing the last nail in the coffin, taking the crown as the best DAP in the mid-tier section. At the moment, I can’t think of any other player that can compete with the M11 : fluid UI, double micro-SD slot, solid WiFi connection with apk pure and the complete balanced layout.”

Personally, the FiiO M11 remains my to-go player. The sound isn’t quite as good as the M11 Pro or M15, but combined with a good pair of IEM’s, I get around 11-12h of continuous playback. Plus the fact that you can add a second micro-SD card, one for offline streaming apps, and one for your own music catalog.

In fact, I liked it so much that it ended up in our Best DAP Buy List.

FiiO M11 Pro

If the M11 is not enough for you, now there is the FiiO M11 Pro. Even if they look the same, the brand upgraded the player with a set of AK4497EN DAC and two THX-78B chips, wee! The catch? The price increased up to 699€/$ and more importantly, there is only one SD Slot!

Did I like it? “This new M11 Pro costs 200$ more than the classic M11 and it ditched the second micro-SD slot. So, if you’re on a budget or need a vast amount of storage, you may want to stick to the first version. That said; if sound quality is your main concern, all of those changes are of no concern.”

Definitely the best choice (for now) if you want to get the best performances, at a reasonable price. The FiiO M11 Pro sounds awesomely flat, with superb sound stage in balanced mode. If you want the top-tier sound, with mid-tier price, get this one.

FiiO M15

The FiiO M15 is the top dog of the brand. Dual AK4499 chips, a powerful amp circuit able to handle big cans, and the TOTL case that goes with it. All for a nifty $1500 price tag.

FiiO M15

FiiO M15

Did we review it? Of course! Did we like it? A snippet for you here: “For IEM and less-demanding headphones, check out the M11 Pro or the Shanling M6. Those are less expansive options and, to be honest, I had as much fun listening to them as with the M15. So yeah, it’s the polished player FiiO ever made, but for me, it lacks that subtle magic I found in their low-tier products, such as the K3 and M6. Maybe the M15 Pro ?”

If I expected more of the FiiO M15, it’s still a true TOTL player at the core. The sound performances remain one of the top-tier DAP, even if not equal to the Astell&Kern SP2000 of course. Yet, if I had to choose between the Futura SE1000 and the Cowon Plenue L, I’d get… the M15!

And now, it’s time to review the all-new FiiO M3 Pro

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    Out of curiosity, if you install Tidal on any FiiO, can you download song for offline use or does it always have to be streamed via Wifi?

    • Reply May 6, 2020


      Seems ‘pro’ models are the new hotness.

    • Reply May 10, 2020


      You can download songs and full albums.

  • Reply May 11, 2020

    George Lai

    Some comments on the Line Out would be welcome. Thanks.

  • Reply May 19, 2020


    Hello, firstly, I just would like to thank you for this review, as it is incredibly detailed.

    To my question: how would you compare the Fiio M3K to the M3 Pro?

    I currently have the M3K and thought of upgrading but seeing the M3 Pro has a different DAC, maybe they’d have different sound signature. I don’t use EQ to my music if that would help in comparing the two.

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    can i use fiio M3 pro as USB dac for Android phone?

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    Where’s the review?

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      Figured it out, my bad.

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