Blog: High End Munich 2019 – Picture Report Part 1


But we of course were there for the N6II and the brand new universal IEM

I spent quite a bit of time listening to the N6II and I can’t wait for it to be available. A mini N8 for sure

The biggest Cayin surprise probably came from the IEMS. Great design a good price and an impressive sound. Put these on your list to check out


It still exists and there were a few funky CD-players

Chord Electronics

Chord’s room is always impressive

How can it not be with amps like these and with the DAVE and BLUE MK2 as centerpiece

The Chord gear could be found all over the show as well, like at Mr. Speaker’s booth

Personal audio-wise they of course brought all the classics such as the HUGO 2 (also reviewed here)

You’ll soon be seeing more of the Poly on HFN as well.

And of course the Qutest has to be mentioned as it’s an awesome DAC

Oh yes, there’s much more on the following pages. Click HERE

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  • Reply June 3, 2019

    Steven Zore

    Epic, wish I was there.

    Grado seems to be everywhere…except canjam NYC….

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