Blog: High End Munich 2019 – Picture Report Part 1

High End Munich. My favorite show of the year! Why is that you say? Well, it has all the brands that really matter, all the product launches, it’s not too crowded and you get to see all your audio friends again. Oh and to get there we have 700 kilometers of unlimited German Autobahn. The pics in this report are from the gear that really caught our attention at the High End show. It’s not realistic to cover all the personal audio gear, and it’s a complete mission impossible to cover everything

As usual this will be a picture report of the show, in alphabetical order, split over two parts as there are around 200 pictures: Eye candy à volonté. Enjoy!


Great guys, great gear, great sound.

Everyone of course knows the Abyss

But there’s also the Diana. And then there’s the really awesome Diana Phi, which we reviewed recently. This one really surprised me, it’s excellent when it comes to sound.

Astell & Kern

The Korean brand had 4 premieres at he German show. First up, the KANN CUBE

Yes it’s huge and yes I didn’t really like the original KANN, but I took one home with me and it sounds incredible with all that power under the hood.

The second premiere was the new flagship, the SP2000 and here I was very impressed how it sounded with full sized headphones such as the Utopia and Empyrean

Next we saw the debut of the latest JH-AK IEM, the T9iE

And last but not least, there was the SP1000 AMP. Beautiful

It continues on PAGE 2 of this report HERE

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  • Reply June 3, 2019

    Steven Zore

    Epic, wish I was there.

    Grado seems to be everywhere…except canjam NYC….

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