Blog: High End Munich 2019 – Picture Report Part 1


Audeze was there with the friends from Lake People / Violectric / Niimbus and they brought nice toys and a product launch to Munich.

A closer look at he LCD 2 and 3

And the LCD-XC (my fav closed headphone) with the MX4

Then there of course was the Mobius which I’m not hat much into

But also the LCD-2C (the closed one)

On Friday though everyone was looking at he new LCD-GX for gamers with the drivers based on the MX4’s

At the left you can also see the new Schiit amp for this headphone with a separate volume control for the mic and headphones.

And then there also was the MX4. Yum!

Audio-Technica was also there and you’ll be seeing much more of the brand on Headfonia in the coming year. Gorgeous high end headphones!

And then there was the interesting stuff from behind the counter… A closed headphone that sounds just like an open one, really impressive.


The AudioQuest DragonFly articles on HFN are one of the most read ever.

And that’s no surprise really as they offer excellent value for money. Keep your eyes on AQ over the next few months, that’s all I can say.


You like the design or not but the German company knows what good tube sound is

We reviewed their Solaris quite a while a ago but I love the fact it’s also a speaker and electrostat amp

There’s a lot more on the next page(s), just click HERE

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  • Reply June 3, 2019

    Steven Zore

    Epic, wish I was there.

    Grado seems to be everywhere…except canjam NYC….

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