Blog: High End Munich 2019 – Picture Report Part 1

Cool stuff

Plenty of that around in Munich, that’s what makes it fun


It’s not a show if Fiio isn’t there, and so they came with their huge product line-up, including the newest IEMS and the M11 DAP which also impressed me

Most interesting of course was the M11 DAP, which we have already at the HQ

Too bad it doesn’t come with a leather case, but an ugly plastic see-through one.

A lot of people were there to check out he new Fiio FA7 IEM, and we reviewed that one just a few days ago HERE

Flux Lab Acoustics

We recently reviewed their high End ATLAS, which is a DAC/AMP/PREAM/STREAMER

But they were mostly also there to present their latest creation: a solid state DAC/AMP with integrated headphone stand. It also sounded very good, but not Atlas level good


Focal is always everywhere…


Actually it’s a bit like Grado, which is everywhere

One of my favorite Grado’s


Headamp makes great amplifiers, and a lot of them were at the MR Speakers booth (with blue lighting)

I hope I can get one for review soon. Electrostats! They’re the new planars! (FOTM)

And then there’s the last page for today: HERE

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  • Reply June 3, 2019

    Steven Zore

    Epic, wish I was there.

    Grado seems to be everywhere…except canjam NYC….

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