Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 1


Campfire Audio

It’s been a very long time since we covered anything from Campfire Audio, but things are looking good for the future.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to listen to the wireless unit, and as such I’m missing it in this report. There were trading cards though. Can you collect them all?

Cayin Audio

Another (tube) brand I like. This time they were represented by there German distributor.

Next to their tube amp, Cayin was also showing their N7 & N8ii DAPs, as well as the brand new R2R RU7 Dongle.

Have I already mentioned that the batteries in my C9 died? I really need to order a new site of these.

Chord Electronics

Nothing new from Chord for the Personal Audio market at this stage, though there have some things in mind like a DAVE successor.


I think I ran into these at the Shenzhen booth, though I’m not sure anymore,

We’ve been trying for a while to get more Gustard gear for review, but it’s proving to be very difficult.

The show report continues on the fourth page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Abyss to Artistic Audio

Page 2: Audeze to Auris Audio

Page 3: Campfire Audio to Gustard Audio

Page 4: Dan Clark Audio to Erzetich

Page 5: Feliks Audio to Fostex

Page 6: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam to GoldenWave

Page 7: High-End Picture dump 

Page 8: Best of Show Award

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