Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 1




Last year the RAAL headphone won the award, and this year the winner of our Headfonia “Best Of Show” Award is the …..




We got to listen to a lot of great gear at the show but the unit that impressed me most is the Dan Clark Audio Corina electrostatic headphone. We haven’t gotten the chance to review it yet, but I will try to make that happen. You can find out all about the DCA Corina right here:

A well-deserved winner!

That’s it for the High End Munich show picture report Part 1. Next Thursday Part 2!


Page 1: Abyss to Artistic Audio

Page 2: Audeze to Auris Audio

Page 3: Campfire Audio to Gustard Audio

Page 4: Dan Clark Audio to Erzetich

Page 5: Feliks Audio to Fostex

Page 6: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam to GoldenWave

Page 7: High-End Picture dump 

Page 8: Best of Show Award

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