Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 1


High End Munich. Still my favorite show of the year! Why is that you say? Well, it has all the brands that really matter, lots of new product launches, it has “pro only” days and you get to see all your audio friends again.


The pics in this report are from the gear that really caught our attention at the High-End show. It’s not realistic to cover all the personal audio gear, and it’s a complete mission impossible to cover everything. As usual this is a picture report of the show, with hundreds of pictures posted in alphabetical order over multiple pages. Part 2 of the report will be uploaded by Thursday as there are around 350 pictures in total.

Like last year we will have our “BEST OF SHOW” award, which we will be handing out on the last page of this report. Check it out there! On Thursday there will also be a “BEST DESIGN” award. But first: Eye candy à volonté, in this Part 1! Enjoy!

Abyss Headphones

Listening to the Abyss flagship when it’s connected to a TOTL amplifier is always a treat to the ears.


Some people complain about the size and comfort but when seated it actually very doable and the top quality sounds makes you forget about its size immediately.


New this year was the launch of the Diana MR by XI Audio, and I have to say it sounds great. Best sounding Diana headphone if you ask me. It will be available in a few months 

Diana MR


As usual Astell&Kern was present at the show an they were showcasing their full collection from the SR35 to the SP3000 copper, and the PA10 to the Aura.

AK also made available their dongles and portable amps to demo, as well as their newest “docking”

But a lot of effort also went in to showing their collaboration IEMs with Empire Ears and Campfire Audio

But everyone was there of course to discover the new Aura collab with the German Vision Ears

I got to listen to these for a bit and the double BA really work their magic for the low end! The Aura also features another 9 BA drivers. Impressive sound, and price.

Artistic Audio

Not really headphone related but this Italian brand is working with real car and Formula 1 parts to build speakers.

Or maybe you prefer F1 tire speakers?

Basically you as a customer can choose original (used) F! exhausts to create a speaker system. Everything is one of a kind

And then they build you something like this

Coolness overload!

The show report continues on the second page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Abyss to Artistic Audio

Page 2: Audeze to Auris Audio

Page 3: Campfire Audio to Gustard Audio

Page 4: Dan Clark Audio to Erzetich

Page 5: Feliks Audio to Fostex

Page 6: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam to GoldenWave

Page 7: High-End Picture dump 

Page 8: Best of Show Award

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