Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 1


Feliks Audio

Together with Auris, they’re a leading tube headphone amp company.

We recently reviewed their new Euforia evo OTL tube amp and it won our Recommended Buy Award. Feliks Audio also confirmed that they won’t rebuild the original and AE version of their Euforia amp.

That said, the AE is still available in Germany via the seller. And Feliks Audio integrated the AE in the classical matte black enclosure for them. It’s now being called the Euforia Klassik. So if you want to buy a new AE, you know where to get it.

Tubes anyone?


HEM and Ferrum have quickly built up a good reputation and we’ve reviewed their OOR, Hypsos and ERCO already.

This year was all about the WANDLA, their brand new DAC. It will be featured on Headfonia over the next few months.

Final Audio

The Japanese brand had a nice booth with all of their products.

But we were mostly interested in their new prototype headphone 


Focal always has a nice room, but while all the headphones are there, I never feel they’re important for them at the show.

I have to admit is was nice to see the new Utopia, which you could listen to in a listening room. That said, it did not blow me away.


Once there was a time where Fostex was all around at the show. Nowadays it’s difficult to spot just one Fostex headphone.

I’m still a big fan of this closed back Fostex TH900

The show report continues on the sixth page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Abyss to Artistic Audio

Page 2: Audeze to Auris Audio

Page 3: Campfire Audio to Gustard Audio

Page 4: Dan Clark Audio to Erzetich

Page 5: Feliks Audio to Fostex

Page 6: Headphone Auditions Amsterdam to GoldenWave

Page 7: High-End Picture dump 

Page 8: Best of Show Award

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