Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 2


It’s one of those brands you either love or hate. They have many good and interesting IEMs but also other models I can’t wrap my head around.

oBravo did bring their $20k flagship to the show as well

The new IEM I liked most however was their Clio. Affordable and good sound. Review soon.


Oriolus wasn’t officially there but I did manage to spot their Walkman DAP


PA mainly focuses on turntables and they each year have a special edition. Last year itwas a collab with Metallica, this year with Pink Floyd.


Last year the SR-1B won our best of show report, and after that I ordered a set together with RAAL’s conversion box. This exact setup was spotted at a different of booths, but this year it mainly was the CircumAural version that everyone was using. They come in great colors.

RAAL also announced a new cooperation with SAEQ (Serbia) and they are now using these amps to drive their headphones. The SAEQ delivers full body, excellent bass and lovely energy/extension.


Almost impossible to get for review, but very good and cool gear.

The show report continues on the fourth page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Holo Audio to Letshuoer

Page 2: Lotoo to NF Audio

Page 3: oBravo to RME

Page 4: Rosson Audio to Sennheiser

Page 5: Shanling to SPL

Page 6: STAX to SeaSide

Page 7: VIVA to ZMF

Page 8: Best Design Award

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