Blog: High End Munich 2023 Show Report – Part 2


The Mjolnir is the unit everyone wanted to listen to at the show, and I have to admit it sounds very good. It’s a bit expensive, but purely based on sound quality, it impresses.

Review soon!

Meze Audio

It’s always nice to see the Meze team at the show. The Empyrean and ELITE is probably the most used headphone at High-End.

There also is a little surprise for Meze. Check out the last page of this report.


Every Moondrop article we publish gets read a lot, and that’s no surprise as they offer a high price/quality ratio.


Mytek maybe was more popular a few years ago when they were working with HEM/Ferrum, but it’s still great gear.


The Naim Uniti is a very good device and it won our Recommended Buy Award. This year Naim was showing their new retro amp. I haven’t had the time to listen to it yet, but it does look cool.

NF Audio

Not the most popular brand on Headfonia, but they did bring their full line-up to the show.

The show report continues on the third page. Click here or use the jumps or Page indexes below.

Page 1: Holo Audio to Letshuoer

Page 2: Lotoo to NF Audio

Page 3: oBravo to RME

Page 4: Rosson Audio to Sennheiser

Page 5: Shanling to SPL

Page 6: STAX to SeaSide

Page 7: VIVA to ZMF

Page 8: Best Design Award

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