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My experience with the Falcons has been very positive so far, as I haven’t come across any problems yet. I used the earphones while running, commuting, working, and lying in the bed before sleeping. Overall it’s a flawless experience with easy connection and good sound, which is the most important aspect.

First and foremost, the fit is awesome to me. But only if I use some of my tips from other IEMs. I don’t think the supplied tips are good enough for a flush and comfortable fit, but this is a subjective matter since not everyone’s ears are the same. But for me, it’s better to use aftermarket tips for a deeper and flusher feel. This way I managed to provide myself very good isolation levels despite the absence of active noise canceling technology. The earpieces sit in my ears comfortably as well. So it’s not an issue to have them in for a few hours.

The Falcon has an independent connection for L&R earpieces, so when setting them up, you can first connect either of them. However, once connected, you don’t have to connect the other side as it connects it automatically. The range overall is quite good but don’t expect to hear them from the other side of your house. The battery life is claimed to be 10 hours and my experience has been consistent with that figure.

Noble Falcon

The case has a USB type C port for charging and you have 4 LEDs for the battery information. The case has 30 hours of battery life so you can charge your earpieces 3 times before hooking it up to a wall charger. You also have IPX7 water resistance as I mentioned. So it’s not a big deal when you sweat while doing some activities like myself.

The Falcon has buttons on both earpieces for controlling things like volume and tracks as well as answering phone calls. When the music is on, a single push to either earpiece stops the track. Another push makes the song continue. The same thing applies to calls for answering and hanging up. For controlling the volume, you need to use the button on the left side and push the button twice for cranking it up. For lowering the volume level, you need to push three times. At first, this is not quite easy to get used to, but after an adjustment period, you become very familiar with it.

For skipping a track you need to push the right-side button twice. For the previous track, you just push three times just like the volume control. These controls to me are not the easiest of operations for wireless IEMs, but as I said, after a necessary adjustment time you become quite familiar with them. One thing I particularly liked is the easiness of the connection. If your device was paired beforehand and the BT is on, the earpieces connect automatically when you remove them from the case. You don’t have to do anything. This is super practical and convenient.

Noble Falcon

Noble Falcon

Yet, some people may not like the push-button design, simply because you push the earpieces themselves inside your ears while pushing the buttons. So it feels a bit odd at first for sure. A touch-sensitive operation could’ve been a better choice.

Noble Sound Suite

A side note: If you purchased the Noble Falcon TWS earlier, you might have an earlier version in terms of software. For upgrading the Falcon, you can follow the instructions here. After the upgrade, you can install the Noble Sound Suite app and utilize its advantages. If you have plans to purchase it, the newer versions probably have the latest firmware already installed. 

You can set up those button assignments above based on your preferences on the “Noble Sound Suite” app, which is on AppStore or Google Play. With my Android phone the application did not show up though, so I just found the apk file to install it. This can vary with different phones or regions.

Noble Sound Suite

The application is sleek and it’s very simple to use. On the main screen, you have basic information like the battery levels of both earpieces and the audio codec type. You get general settings for language and firmware version information. The “Key configurations” setting lets you set up the button assignments as you like. In the “EQ setting” you have a classic 10-band equalizer. You can save up to 3 EQ settings.

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  • Reply May 8, 2020


    Can’t find the app for my IOS device. I guess it does not matter if I can’t find my serial #. One without the other is twice as useless!

  • Reply May 13, 2020


    One of my friend bought this headphone. I really like the design and looking for some honest review before buying these as these will cost me $150.
    Really appreciated!!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Reply November 10, 2020

    Bart Manns

    Will you be reviewing the Cambridge Audio Melomania anytime soon? Curious how it compares with the Noble and Sennheiser 2 true wireless.

  • Reply November 28, 2020


    I really like the design and its amazing looking for some honest review before buying these. tanks for reviews

  • Reply January 24, 2021


    expensive but worth it

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