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The sound of the Noble Falcon TWS is better than I expected. It has been a very good surprise for me. Sure, it’s not like some Mid-Fi IEMs, let alone the TOTL level, but the sound overall is pretty good and satisfying.

The Noble Falcon uses a Single Dynamic Driver setup with a DSP tuning, which is done on the Bluetooth SoC side. Overall the presentation is V-shaped with an emphasis on lower bass with good impact. Treble is definitive and pronounced as well. Mids are a little recessed but more on that below.


The bass is quite strong and textured with very good speed without behaving somewhat bloated. The bass has good texture as well. If you like your music with some oomph, then the Falcon is your choice. The impact and rumble is very satisfying, especially with more popular music genres. I liked listening to RnB songs with it.

The kick of the bass is also impressive although the mid-bass area is not too pronounced because of the sub-bass focus. This can be changed via the EQ feature of the Sound Suite App. The earphones respond very nicely to the built-in EQ on the app, so playing the bands back and forth is so much fun to do.

Noble Falcon

Noble Falcon

Overall the bass performance is very well done. Among all the TWS IEMs I’ve tried, this is one of the best bass responses I’ve heard. If you’re not very fond of the rumbling sub-bass, it can easily be changed with the EQ feature. The bass becomes more balanced and much closer to a reference type of tuning.


Like I’ve mentioned, the mids are a bit recessed with the Falcon, and this is quite apparent from the first audition. At face value, this is not an ideal presentation for the lovers of vocal-oriented genres, instrumental music or Jazz, or Classical. But the good thing with the Falcon is the resolution and dynamics in this area. Dynamics are good, fidelity is nice with very good resolution and transparency.

So although the presentation is a V-shaped one, the mids to me are successful with good tonality and weight, although being slightly thinner than I would’ve liked.

Noble Falcon

I always say that there are things you can’t discuss as “preferences”. The presentation can affect your opinion and it is indeed a choice. But some objective matters like resolution, transparency, and dynamics are not a matter of personal choice to me. In this respect, the Noble Falcon is very successful as a TWS  IEM. Many TWS models I’ve tried lacked resolution and transparency, not the Noble Falcon though. For fidelity, it is indeed one of the best choices in the market at this time.

For the presentation, again you can tweak the EQ to have a better tuning to your needs. I found out that EQ for TWS IEMs works very well, unlike the analog gear. Normally I never use EQ with any of my DAPs, headphones, or IEMs. But TWS IEMs work well with a slight EQ tweak.

Another thing I like about the Falcon also is the instrument separation. Everything is positioned and separated nicely. This is one of its strong suits, and that’s why I say you can’t write this IEM off just for its V-Shaped tuning.


The treble extension on the Noble Falcon is the first thing that I noticed when I tested it for the first time. This has been one of the points that exceeded my expectations together with overall resolution. Treble is relaxed but pronounced at the same time with a good amount of spaciousness. It is neither recessed nor too aggressive. It’s very well balanced and it is also on point in terms of timbre. Not very thin, but not too thick and muffled either.

If you like your treble to be rich and apparent, the Noble Falcon can be a viable choice for you. The overall resolution and detail pickup is impressive too, which again proves that the Falcon has excellent fidelity for a TWS.

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  • Reply May 8, 2020


    Can’t find the app for my IOS device. I guess it does not matter if I can’t find my serial #. One without the other is twice as useless!

  • Reply May 13, 2020


    One of my friend bought this headphone. I really like the design and looking for some honest review before buying these as these will cost me $150.
    Really appreciated!!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Reply November 10, 2020

    Bart Manns

    Will you be reviewing the Cambridge Audio Melomania anytime soon? Curious how it compares with the Noble and Sennheiser 2 true wireless.

  • Reply November 28, 2020


    I really like the design and its amazing looking for some honest review before buying these. tanks for reviews

  • Reply January 24, 2021


    expensive but worth it

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