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ddHiFi Janus3 Review

In this review, we take a look at the ddHiFi Janus3 (E2023), the third version of the brand’s dynamic IEM, available for $129,99 USD,…

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Bellos Audio X4 Review

Today, we review the Bellos Audio X4 Hybrid Semi-Custom In-Ear Monitors from Bellos Audio. It’s available now for $999 USD.   Disclaimer: The Bellos…

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ThieAudio Monarch MKIII

ThieAudio Monarch MKIII Review

Today we review the ThieAudio Monarch MKiii Tribrid In-Ear Monitors. It sells for $999 USD.   Disclaimer: ThieAudio Monarch MKIII was provided by Linsoul for…

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HAA Resolute by Thrax Review

In this review we take a close look at the Headphone Auditions Amsterdam Resolute transportable amplifier by Thrax Audio, selling for €2,999 Euro.  …

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ThieAudio Prestige LTD Review

Today we review the new ThieAudio Prestige LTD Flagship IEM, retailing for $1,299 USD.   Disclaimer: ThieAudio Prestige LTD was provided by Linsoul for…

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Yanyin Canon ii

Yanyin Canon II Review

Today, we’re diving deep into the Yanyin Canon II Hybrid In-Ear Monitors, available at $379 USD.   Disclaimer: Yanyin Canon II was provided by Linsoul…

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FiiO K7 BT Review

Today we’re going to be checking out the new FiiO K7 BT DAC & AMP with Bluetooth. It’s selling for $249 USD.   Disclaimer:…

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