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WOH Heidelberg

The High End Munich show still is my favorite show of the year, but this year there also is a series of Headphone Shows in Germany, by the organization of High-End. The World of Headphones Show is coming to Heidelberg!


The WOH started two years ago as a special exhibition during the international audio trade fair HIGH END Munich and was held for the first time last summer as a separate event in Essen. During the main High-End show in Munich, there is a dedicated section for personal audio which the High End Society names “The World of Headphones”. Basically they group all personal audio related companies under the WOH name (follow the orange carpet) and they try to put them all together in the same area. As personal audio is getting more important each year, the area and show is growing fast. And that’s a good thing!

Because of the popularity of this part of the show, the High End Society has decided to go on tour with their World of Headphones Show. In Heidelberg, the organizer is continuing the successful series of headphone fairs. It will be held on Saturday March 2 and it is totally FREE!

Headphones are companions most music lovers cannot do without, for enjoying music when out and about or undisturbed at home. Ranging from wireless Bluetooth technology to wired high end models, as an in-ear version or with noise cancelling, the portable models, available in a wide variety, are a firmly-established accessory in the audio world. It is the direct way of listening to music, which many people find thrilling and often consider the most beautiful form of music reproduction. The listener is able to take in their favourite pieces with incredible intensity, as disturbing background noises and influences such as room acoustics can largely be tuned out. In addition, top-quality headphone amplifiers make the decisive difference, especially for audiophile listeners.

At the WOH, leading manufacturers, distributors and dealers will be showcasing a large selection of mobile and stationary sound equipment. Visitors can take their time to try out and compare a multitude of different headphones.

From the High End Society

On March 2, 2024, the WORLD OF HEADPHONES headphone event will be held in the unique ambience of the Tankturm Heidelberg. Headphone fans, music lovers and audiophile enthusiasts will find the latest innovations in headphones and portable audio accessories here. The special feature: The products on display can be tried out and compared directly on site in a relaxed atmosphere.

Audio technology you can touch and experience

Surrounded by the industrial charm of the Tankturm in Heidelberg, WORLD OF HEADPHONES will showcase a wide variety of headphones and mobile audio accessories currently available on the market. So far, the registered exhibitors have listed over 40 brands that they will be presenting at the special trade fair. Nowhere else will you find so many different variants of the popular sound device, which is used both for the undisturbed enjoyment of music and for listening to podcasts, videos and social media content. Visitors can discover the fascinating fusion of music and technology  in a relaxed atmosphere. The exhibitors at WORLD OF HEADPHONES are manufacturers, distributors and retailers from all over Germany. In addition to professional advice, they enable the public to try and compare different models from well-known manufacturers at the individual listening tables. This is not only an acoustic pleasure, but also helps in the search for the perfect headphones for individual needs. Headphone amplifiers, D/A converters and streaming devices complete the exhibitors’ range.

Great sound meets culinary delights

The WORLD OF HEADPHONES Heidelberg in the extraordinary setting of the Tankturm is complemented by an attractive supporting program. For example, visitors can take part in a craft beer tasting with beers from all over the world or sample fine wines at a wine tasting.  Lovers of exclusive watches can look forward to an exhibition of vintage watches. In addition, Germany’s only headphone museum, located in the neighboring premises, invites its guests on a journey through the entire era of headphone history.

The place to be? Heidelberg!

With its picturesque old town and Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg is one of Germany’s major tourist destinations. A visit to the WORLD OF HEADPHONES can be wonderfully combined with a longer stay to discover the numerous historical sights in the city. Excellent connections to the public transport network and the direct location on the A5 make it easy to get here.

The show itself will be held here: TANKTURM – Eppelheimer Straße 46, 69115 Heidelberg (Germany) 

Admission to the show is free and on Saturday 2nd, the doors will be opened from 10am to 6pm. More than time enough to discover all the excellent gear on display!

Confirmed partners

The latest and up to date/full list of brands and partners present at the WOH Heidelberg show can be found here.

A quick overview:

Abyss Headphones – ALO Audio – Astell & Kern – Kefine inEar – Austrian Audio – Campfire Audio – CEN.GRAND – COPLAND Audio – Custom Art – DALI – Dan Clark Audio – Dekoni – Eleven Audio – Empire – Enleum – Etymotic – Ever-solo – Feliks Audio – FINAL Audio – Fir Audio – Fischer Amps – HEDD Audio – ifi Audio – InEar – Jerry Harvey – Kubala Sosna – Lotoo – Magaudio – Malvalve – Meze Audio – PRO-JECT Audio – RAAL – RAAL Requisite – Rosson Audio – Sendy Audio – Serbian Audio – Sivga Headphones – Spirit Torino – SPL – STAX Audio – Technics Headphones – ULTIMATE EARS – Warwick Acoustics – WAVERSA Audio – Weiss – Westone Audio – Zeitgeist – ZMF Headphones – Zähl

Let the WOH event know you’re going on their Facebook event page here and do let us know in the comments if you’re planning on going and/or how the show was. If you see us at the show, don’t forget to say hi!

See you there!

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