Blog: Canjam Europe 2017 – Berlin – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Canjam Europe 2017 show report in Berlin. You can find part one HERE and to check out previous show reports click HERE.

This report has 5 pages:

Do check out the last page as that is were you will find the show conclusion and our show winners!!


I always make sure to make enough time for the Malvalve corner. they have great sounding gear, always bring a bunch of headphones to the show and it’s the only time a year when I get to listen to that awesome prototype headphone.

You wear it like you wear the classic AKG K1000, with the speakers next to your ears in an angled position. This thing is huge and weighs a lot but it sounds so incredibly good. At the same time it’s more comfortable then you would expect, but yeah, it’s quite unique to say the least

Yep that’s me rocking the Malvalve headphone. Next to the new Mysphere, this definitely was the other headphone everyone just had to try. But yeah, a normal headphone is quite a bit more comfy

Those Malvalve tube amplifiers not only look, but also sound impressive, I’m always glad to see them at Canjam Europe

Malvalve doesn’t only bring tube amps to the show though

OK, I just have to post one more picture of that crazy headphone. I want one!


The show was held at the NHow hotel which is a music hotel and everywhere could you see guitars and Marshall amplifiers.

This was the only Marshall headphone at the show though. Surprised to see it there? Me too, but it was there for a good reason. Check out Sonarworks in this report later if you want to find out more about its mystery appearance

Meier Audio

If you’re serious about audio then you surely have heard of the Meier Corda and Classic before. Normally you can find these “classics” from Mr. Meier at each canjam show but not so this year…

This year Jan Meier only took two of his new Corda Soul prototype amplifiers with him to the show, together with a selection of the finest headphones. I heard the Corda Soul last year already and back then it already sounded impressive.

Now after one year the prototype is final and I have to give it to Mr. Meier, it sounds even better. For me this is a highlight of Canjam Berlin/Europe 2017. And the best part? I took it home with me…


We saw the brand at Canjam London for the first time and it was present in Berlin as well.

That’s me again wearing the Meters in a funny way. It sounded better than I expected, I have to admit that. But of course this is what you all want to see. Video:

Meze Audio

Our friends from Romenia of course were also at the show. Is there anyone that doesn’t like Meze?

Both their headphones as well as their IEMs have a great price-quality ratio, what’s not to like?

And they have the looks, that’s for sure… Expect more from Meze soon!


The brand new Italian company came all the way to Berlin to show the world their first creation. Really nice guys as well.

The amplifier pleasantly surprised me although I expected it to be a bit cheaper. In its defense ModenAudio does only use top quality local materials to build the amplifier (in Italy). And they’re customizable!

Mr. Speakers

At each show you go to there’s always a couple of Mr. Speakers headphones. These weren’t overly present but the latest models such as the Aeons and the famous Aethers could be auditioned

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  • Reply November 10, 2017


    I’d love to see some higher resolution photos, if available

    Regardless, thanks for taking lots of them

    • Reply November 10, 2017


      It’s a choice to downgrade and downsize the pictures. With the number of visits we have it’s simply impossible to use high resolution pics.

      Also, I simply don’t have time to edit over 200 pictures for a show report. This isn’t a showcase, it’s just a report ????

  • Reply November 10, 2017


    Great overview of the canjam. Unfortunately Berlin was not possible for me, bit now I get a Great sense of it. I m really curious about the meier audio soul. I read his website aswell and it looks very promising.

  • Reply November 10, 2017


    it is Romania … and yeah .. great article 🙂

  • Reply November 12, 2017


    The Malvalve Headphone 4 hooked up to their impressive tube amp to me bests any electrostatic setup on the market. I can still feel the goosebumps from last year’s extensive audition. There wasn’t anything like it in Essen or London that was more involving. Wonderful to see they were in Berlin this year, they have even made (not so subtle 😉 ) adjustments to make them more comfortable. Now all they need to do is make them affordable and smaller and we have a winner!

  • Reply November 14, 2017


    Nice report for those ppl who can’t make it to the show! Just wondering as DAC, chord Hugo or mytek Brooklyn is better?

  • Reply November 19, 2017



    I saw the mx4 sounded great to you. Any thought about lcd-2 classic?


  • Reply November 19, 2017


    Well it’s the old lcd 2.1. It has been covered many times already

    • Reply November 19, 2017


      Ok, thanks. Since i just got my hands on a bakoon hpa-21, was wondering if getting this one was a good idea since bakoon amps work particulary well with audeze’s hp…or mx4 are just crazy good and worth saving more to get.. 🙂 ? I always wanted to try audeze hp but the weight was a dealbreaker…until now.
      Or any other suggestion of planar? (I also got the auris ha2-se, and one pair ether flow opened).

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