Blog: Canjam Europe 2017 – Berlin – Part 2


These were launched at Canjam London a few months back but I haven’t heard anything about them since then.

It seems they’re still selling for €3000 a unit but they do look really nice. Sound wise? I’d have to listen more but in London these didn’t really convince me right away

They do come with a very nice package though, but for that price I wouldn’t expect anything less.


Together with the Sieveking stands, these are the prettiest (wooden) design stands in the world. And they’re quite affordable


I expected to see more people use ROON software. To me and a lot of industry insiders it’s one of the best players out there. Still no clue what Roon does and why it’s so great?

Then you should for sure check out our review of it and the interview we did with the Roon CEO, you can find these here:




Power cleaning. It’s one of the popular things nowadays.

I agreed to get one for the office to see if it can convince me, we’ll see…

They also come in a small USB version. A bit like the Jitterbug and the IFI dongles.


One of the most popular booths at the show and that’s no surprise. Sennheiser has many wonderful headphones like this classic HD650 which we call the King.

Of course a lot of people were there for the new products such as the HD660

It’s a bit of a mic between the HD650 and the HD600 and it reminds me of the HD700 signature.

It certainly wasn’t bad and it’s easier to drive, but I won’t be handing in my HD650 anytime soon.

The IE 800S of course was popular too, just like the IE80S

For the IEMs most people were listening to Momentums however

All over the show a lot of HD800 and HD800S headphones could be seen

And then there was the old Orpheus and the new Orpheus/HE1. NExt to eachother in a private listening room

I prefer the new one sound wise, but isn’t that old one beautiful?

I had like 45 minutes with these two beauties and I could switch between them all I wanted.

It was a very good Sennheiser day.


I’m especially a fan of their inear monitors but the Shure teams always shows up with all they’ve got

Like with AT, their full sized headphones don’t do it for me yet but I realize they have many fans

I prefer listening to this though, by far

And this

And if you’re not sure yet what you like (pun intended), then you you can try every single IEM on their testing bench


My favorite headphone stands. I actually took a couple home with me

Mister Sieveking really digs the Meters headphones

He took pictures of me wearing them, so I’m pretty sure those will surface soon. But those aren’t the worst ones…


We all love Simgot. Both the Pro and Bass model are so nice!

Those sexy grills just do it for a whole lot of audiopiles

Yes there’s even more. Click HERE

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  • Reply November 10, 2017


    I’d love to see some higher resolution photos, if available

    Regardless, thanks for taking lots of them

    • Reply November 10, 2017


      It’s a choice to downgrade and downsize the pictures. With the number of visits we have it’s simply impossible to use high resolution pics.

      Also, I simply don’t have time to edit over 200 pictures for a show report. This isn’t a showcase, it’s just a report ????

  • Reply November 10, 2017


    Great overview of the canjam. Unfortunately Berlin was not possible for me, bit now I get a Great sense of it. I m really curious about the meier audio soul. I read his website aswell and it looks very promising.

  • Reply November 10, 2017


    it is Romania … and yeah .. great article 🙂

  • Reply November 12, 2017


    The Malvalve Headphone 4 hooked up to their impressive tube amp to me bests any electrostatic setup on the market. I can still feel the goosebumps from last year’s extensive audition. There wasn’t anything like it in Essen or London that was more involving. Wonderful to see they were in Berlin this year, they have even made (not so subtle 😉 ) adjustments to make them more comfortable. Now all they need to do is make them affordable and smaller and we have a winner!

  • Reply November 14, 2017


    Nice report for those ppl who can’t make it to the show! Just wondering as DAC, chord Hugo or mytek Brooklyn is better?

  • Reply November 19, 2017



    I saw the mx4 sounded great to you. Any thought about lcd-2 classic?


  • Reply November 19, 2017


    Well it’s the old lcd 2.1. It has been covered many times already

    • Reply November 19, 2017


      Ok, thanks. Since i just got my hands on a bakoon hpa-21, was wondering if getting this one was a good idea since bakoon amps work particulary well with audeze’s hp…or mx4 are just crazy good and worth saving more to get.. 🙂 ? I always wanted to try audeze hp but the weight was a dealbreaker…until now.
      Or any other suggestion of planar? (I also got the auris ha2-se, and one pair ether flow opened).

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