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Disclaimer: I was sent the JH13V2 PRO by JH Audio free of charge in exchange for this review. JH Audio is in no other way related to Headfonia and the sample doesn’t need to be returned


JH Audio

As we have learned from the interview with Jerry Harvey we did last year, JH Audio was founded 2008. But Jerry has been the founder and owner of Ultimate Ears and has designed some of their most reputable products, including the Triple.Fi. If you haven’t read the interview yet, you can do it here.

JH Audio is a CIEM company seated in Orlando and mostly works with professional musicians, such as Slash, Will Smith and many more very famous groups and artists. The list of world famous artists is endless, and highly impressive. See for yourself: .

That alone speaks books for Jerry and his team. They of course also offer their lineup for the regular folk around. Models like Layla or Roxanne have been praised by a big number of audiophiles around the globe. JH Audio is one of the brands that also pushes a lot of own technologies and patents them, like FreqPhase or D.O.M.E., etc to further enhance their performance and give the best possible sound-reproduction to their customers.

Mr. J. Harvey

From the day Jerry Harvey turned his focus to creating an IEM for Alex Van Halen to use on stage, he has been advancing the art and science of Custom In-Ear Monitors (CIEMs).

While Jerry would be the first one to admit he did not invent the CIEM, he is credited with inventing the first multi-driver CIEM. Through his inventions, he has made significant strides in advancing IEM technology and changing the industry from rare use of IEMs to today’s norm of everyone from local bands to the largest touring acts in the world having a set or two in their gearbox.


We have reviewed many JH Audio units on Headfonia but each and every single of those review were done by another writer from the team. Up to this JH13V2 PRO I didn’t have a single JH monitor in my ever growing collection. Back in May of last year I met one of the JH Audio representatives at High End Munich where they were presenting the Billie Jean IEM together with Astell&Kern. He couldn’t believe I didn’t have a single JH CIEM and so he proposed for me to do a review of their most popular product of the line-up: the JH13V2 PRO.

A few months later the full JH team was also present at Head-Fi’s Canjam London and I there finally had the chance to listen to the full JH Audio product range. And well, each and every unit blew me away. The JH monitors have something unique in their tuning, a certain “je ne sais quoi”, but boy does it do it for me.

I couldn’t wait for the JH13V2 PRO to arrive and it finally did at the end of August last year. For several reasons the review hasn’t been published up to now, but I have been intensively enjoying the monitor during my free time and travels. Let’s get in to some more JH13V2 PRO detail .


The JH13V2 PRO is an 8-driver monitor featuring dual low, dual mid and quad high drivers. JH uses a 3-way crossover and triple bore system with Freq|Phase steel tube Waveguide to deliver the perfectly harmonious sound.

You can find the dedicated product page of this monitor right here: . Next to that there’s also a video in which Mr. Harvey explains what the JH13V2 PRO is all about. You can check that video here:



  • 8 Driver configuration, powered by SoundrIVe technology: Dual Low, Dual Mid, Quad High
  • Triple Bore with Freq|Phase Steel Tube Waveguide
  • Moon Audio cable with 4-pin connection and Machined Aluminum Locking Collar
  • Patent Pending Variable bass output, adjustable from the on-cable Attenuator (0 to +12db)
  • Input Connector: 1/8″ (3.5mm), Gold-Plated
  • Integrated 3-Way Crossover

The JH13V2 PRO also comes in a universal version:

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 20kHz
  • Input Sensitivity: 116dB @ 1mW
  • Impedance: 28 Ohms
  • Noise isolation 26db

I particularly love the Patent Pending variable bass output which is integrated in the cable. It allows you to set the bass from 0 to +12db and it absolutely rocks, but more on the cable later in this article.

The JH13V2 PRO features the JH Freq|Phase technology. Here’s a video of Jerry explaining his FreqPhase technology and what it brings for the consumer:



In contrary to a regular review I will use the same breakdown as I always do for my Custom Inear Monitor reviews:

  1. Build quality & Comfort
  2. Personalization
  3. Cable
  4. Price & Accessories
  5. Customer Service
  6. Sound
  7. Comparisons
  8. Synergy
  9. Amplification 

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